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Slow Office

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No I dont mean things are slow in here today and I thought I post for something to do :lol:


Basically Im having trouble with Excel & Word. Both run fine and when I get a document open they can be worked on fine. The problem is in between times. When I select "open" on either software, the comp takes about 2mins to bring the bar down (which has drive letters so I can navigate etc). Then when it eventually lets me continue and I double click a drive (say C:) I have to wait another 2mins while it thinks about it and so on again and again.


Im gonna do a full virus scan later when I leave work. Im also about to run a spyware check.


Any other ideas?



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XP SP2 and MO 2002.



Ok, not what I thought it might be. There's a problem in performance running Office 2k3 on Win2K machines which is a right bastard.


Will have an ask round and see if anyone else knows of any known issues...

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Well, ive since noticed that even going into my computer and browsing through the C: drive seems slow. Im leaning to it being something dodgy on the pc.


Mind, Im running Spyware Doctor which Ive not ran for aaaaaages and so far it says 82% complete, 390 infections found :lol: and while Im sure some of them are harmless, I reckon there will be something in there that shouldnt be.

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try defragging yer disk as well - and check just what IS running all the time


Also think about switching off Norton option where it checks every bloody file you open or close

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Well, Im currently uninstalling all the stuff that shouldnt be on my works lap top (you know, FM2006 etc) as well as a few utils I no longer use. Ive also ran msconfig and stopped a couple of things starting with windows. I do know that Nortons does pre-check everything I open though Im sure I only have their firewall as I use AVG for antivirus.


I tried defragging but it said I didnt have enough disk space hence the uninstalling. I'll then defrag again later.

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"I didnt have enough disk space"


That's it - there isn't enough space for caching and soem programs like IE


We had this at work:-


1. Make sure you empty the recycle bin first


2. Delete all deleted emails from the IE "deleted" folder


3. Compact all email folders (you may have to do this a folder at a time)


4. Do a file search looking only for the big files you have - may well be a big temp file sitting out there



Are you running Outlook rather than IE? Microsoft Support Bulletin (Q167081) Apparently if you install Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) on your machine the default settings set it to automatically create journal entries for any Office program in a file and when the file gets to a certain size then it severely impacts the running speed of the machine.




To fix it:- Start Outlook Tools Options Journal


In "also record files from" clear all boxes






I suggest that even if you use Outlook rather than Outlook Express you switch this feature off

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