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Brock Manson

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Before he died, my Grandad was in hospital for quite a while, and he'd had a portable CD player and asked for some of his CDs, and there was one that he he particularly wanted to listen to, but my Grandma said he had it, but it wasn't on CD. So my aunts who live down there had a look around for it. They all live down on the Wirral and there's not any specialist record shops down there, just the mainstream ones like HMV, Virgin etc.


My Mam was going down to visit, so before she went she had a look in Windows for it and found it. So she goes down with it, and takes it in for my Grandad, who told her he had it at home. My Mam said it wasn't on CD, but he said it was and he'd been trying to tell my Grandma that he had it on CD, but she was adament it wouldn't work.


So when my Mam went back to my Grandma's she has a look and sure enough she finds it. She showed it to my Grandma, who said "it won't work, because his 'machine' plays 'round things and that's square!'


My Mam had to open it up and show her that the 'round thing' was in a square case. <_<

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