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  1. Road Signs Mock Clubs Relegation

    I met a 'few ' mackems on sat night on the lash, and I got the same response off all of them, Question ' what game do u first look for when the fixtures come out ?' answer....... ooooo ear wee its ooer derby game! question ' arent you gutted that there is no derby, us and the smogs will have more of a derby this season which isn't even a derby..... where u can look forward to , arsenal, manure, chelski, bindippers! answer......... dinnit matter mayt u gont sent down... Best game of the season in football terms means nowt then...... they are so chuffed more than ever that we went down and haven't a single thought on exactly what they are loosing out on, ( re derby games ) and how severley spanked they are going get this season.... Personally I would love it if all three north east teams were up there fighting for honours, instead of being the shear dissapointment that all 3 of us are..... they ( the mackems ) either don't see this or are so small minded and petty that the joy of us going down is like an fa cup win. U can talk football all day long but when a person ( or region ) is soooooo happy at our demise and take pride in the misfortune of us , all I now hope is that they go the same way as we did, go on blow your budget on prima donna's and prove u never even learnt from our mistakes. but Bruce might just change things...
  2. Road Signs Mock Clubs Relegation

    The stadium is sinking the term is apparently 'quicksand' or liquifaction , gasses causin the soil to act like a liquid... ultimatley ending up in the whole place subsiding....... only passing on what I overheard. True, bruce is a good manager and I am so glad he hasn't got the war chest that dog fondler got thrown at him. But still they are way more chuffed about us than they are with they're own prospects. shoe on the other foot I missed the derby games, now all u hear is HA U WENT DOWN ! not a good view ....... Sad
  3. Martins legit wants to stay

    Ashley probs won't pay for the matches ! Tight bastard.
  4. Martins legit wants to stay

    Funny how the fire sale hasn't yet caught alight........
  5. Man U are paying £69m interest a year on their debts.

    How sad... old blue nose now has the cash to buy us..... ' Duff plus 30 others and whatever staff now remain to replace ronaldo '. Could be a daily sport headline !
  6. Road Signs Mock Clubs Relegation

    Hallo, first post as I have have just joined up, left last blog as they too went downhill...... they had the odd spuds fan as they're 'thorn' was quite funny to read tho. SMB's not obsessed with the toon ? why post on a toon blog? Fair play to the mickey taking and general banter, but its all regenerated stuff that has been going the other way for years...... are they giving the smogs the same stick? I've no idea as there is far more interesting stuff to look up on the net than mackem and smoggies blogs... All those sat in the 10 front rows of the stadium of ........... do they realise the amount of methane gas which is seeping thru from the old pit ? yeah check out the big vent holes in the concrete as you walk up the stairs to ur seats, look thru them if u have a death wish and read all the polite comments left by the geordie builders !! well funny. I was 'lucky' enough to be paid to work there as a contractor when the place was thrown up. I work all over the north east and it IS true that our demise is more important than a team who could have bought ronaldo with the £80 million keane threw away, but are still overjoyed with a Geordie manager in Bruce who quotes ' shopping in aldi, instead of bindipping '. and are so overjoyed at the toon going down. your welcome to bent, shambles, and clattermole...... and finishing 13th.... been there and learn't that mistake. just shows your ambition. we will come back stronger and better from the experience. ( with any luck ! ) Keep up the banter.......... and don't be bitter .

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