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  1. Shame that Almiron wont be available, apparently his work permit wont have been sorted out yet. But I'm sure the team will be up for it after beating City. Goals for Rondon and Perez, clean sheet.
  2. Hey used to post on here a bunch like 6-7 years ago, and taking this exciting signing of Almiron to jump back on for a bit. I follow a bit of MLS and know a bunch of people who work in the League. Newcastle is going to love Almiron. He's not a similar player to Ben Arfa, but he brings the same if not more excitement. He works fucking hard, loves to track back and put in a shift. Pardew would've played him - though probably at left back. He'll take players on and draws lots of fouls, but as far as I know that's more from using his pace and acceleration rather than the tight, intricate footwork of Ben Arfa. Almiron always has a smile on his face, and plays with out fear. Not the type of player who will fall into a sulk like Ben Arfa was prone to. And obviously with his work ethic and ability to be coached, Rafa will love him as well. Can't wait to see what this exciting kid does for us, my only hope is that Ashley sells soon so it's not two years of Almiron and then we sell him off for £75m to Liverpool.
  3. On Sunday he'll make his 150th appearance. Mike Williamson has been a Newcastle player and essentially first choice centerback, consistently, for 5 years.
  4. This will all change if he's part of an 18 man roster that makes it to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Or wins it. Both of which are possibilities given the lack of convincing performances from some of the other big competitors.
  5. Cheers Tom - works fine from over here
  6. I would also be interested in a radio link
  7. For me - as someone who has really only been an active supporter since the 2006/07 season - it's been the 2011/12 season, followed somewhat closely by the 2009/10 Championship season. Both seasons featured he best attacking football I've seen during my time supporting Newcastle.
  8. I agree Stevie - £10+ is a very good price for him. Would prefer to see if he can develop a partnership with one of Anita/Colback/Sissoko this season instead of selling him though.
  9. Agreed - I felt many times last season he was asked to play the Cabaye role alongside Tiote, which he's clearly not cut out for.
  10. I would go with: Krul Janmaat--Willo--Colo-Haidara -------Anita---Tiote--Sissoko--- Cabella-------------------Gouffran ---------------Riviere De Jong may not be fit, and I'd like to see us crowd the midfield.
  11. They would be play Villa and Costa up top as a duo, although admittedly Villa would drop back often and play behind the striker. More like a hybrid 4-4-2/4-4-1-1
  12. This was posted by a very well regarded stats guy on twitter, Ted Knutson (@mixedknuts):
  13. Well thats pretty not great. Hopefully it looks better when it's actually on our players. That said - hard to make any strip look decent when it's got that awful Wonga logo plastered on the front.
  14. Have to hope that HBA sees this as an opportunity and makes the most of it. He must realize that time is ticking on his career and that if he wants to make anything of it he has to perform this season. Would be typical that despite everything over the last few years, it's only the motivation to make money on his next contract that forces him to play well this season.
  15. Sorry if this has been posted all ready, but this piece on True Faith is a must-read, especially given what Charnley has said here: http://www.true-faith.co.uk/thru-black-white-eyes-zombies-6apr14/
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