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  1. If's and' and but's. Ridiculous thinking as ALL clubs could use them for any amount of reasoning. You weren't FAR bigger at all, or even bigger, you were a great cup team who yo yo' ed in and out of the 1st and 2nd division, but your delusions of grandeur do no harm so fill your boots. Just don't expect fans of other clubs to agree with you.
  2. Liverpools attendances have always been based on turnstile clicks, the majority of matches are sold out, ticket wise, weeks before. I've often wondered why they do this as most clubs nowadays base it on tickets sold.
  3. Really interesting posts Park Life. Germany having a federal government seems a far better way to be governed as far as I can see. Allowing each city to be autonomous, as opposed to this country where every city has to compete for the crumbs dropped from a London-centric ruling body, seems to be the best way to improve a nations quality of life imo. How is it in reality?
  4. Well we can all, as fans, be deluded Tom, and sometimes it's good to read what other fans think of your club, players and team. It can certainly bring you down to earth.
  5. I post on a few other forums Tom (Man U included) usually for friendly chat though. There's loads of links on RAWK. Tbh, Man U fans are ok when you're not there to shout the odds at them, underneath it all there's a certain amount of respect for each others club.
  6. Of course there are, look in the mirror. Your resident bigot throws factless shite around at any club and fans that aren't Newcastle, I just try to redress the balance. Your words, though thoroughly meaningless, show that my comments irk you.
  7. PMSL, you've never said that you're a big club? Have you not learned that if the old soak speaks well of you it means you're shite, and he couldn't care less where you are in football? I cringe any time he has anything decent to say about us, because it means he doesn't see us as any threat whatsoever, even in our games against each other. I'm much more comfortable with his hate. I bet Wenger would rather have his hate than the smirking praise he's received the last few years. Since Arsenal ceased to become real contenders in fact.
  8. You are seriously deluded. Historically Everton are better than you on, trophies won, top 3 finishes, time spent in the top tier, more years in Europe, Newcastle are better than them on, attendances, but all time only by a few thousand. Turnover, yes. Can't think of anything else, I'm sure you'll enlighten me. Are you calling yourself a Premier League fan rather than a football fan? Football history didn't start with the PL and as you appear to want to use history as a benchmark then at least have the gumption to use it all, not just the parts that please your deluded over inflat
  9. Their history on many levels is better than yours. The media interest? FFS, since when have the media seen past Man U and any other top 4 side in any large proportion? You go on about finance and then pick out a few years where your turnover was decent, Everton could also pick out years where they were a rich club, they even had a millionaire chairman when lots of others were run by the local butcher etc... You're also a great one for going on about your present owner, well Everton have had some of the worst since the days of Moores and Carter ended, they even had a local GP in
  10. You work it out Ste. It was you that said they compare themselves to you, they don't at all. Why would they when they play in a city that has seen so much success? Evertons history is better than yours on quite a few levels as I've already pointed out. You said they've only won one trophy in 25 years, why would you point that out when your own club have only won one in nearly 60 years? West Ham play in a city that has a lot of football teams, Everton play in a city that has only two teams, and if they made comparisons at all it would be against their rivals.
  11. I live here, work with blues, have bluenose mates and family members, and honestly have never heard them compare themselves to you. I don't really hear them comparing themselves to anyone. Mostly they just want to be a top four side, regardless of who that contains. They have won the title 9 times, only 3 clubs better that. They have finished top three 23 times in their history compared to your 10. They've been in Europe 15 times. Spent 109 years in the first division. Play in a city that has seen 27 league titles, 12 FA Cups and 9 European trophies brought home. I hardly think Newca
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