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  1. No chance of us going down, right? Until it's mathematically impossible..
  2. Joselu is one of the worst players we've ever had,. Elliot is abysmal. I know Darlow has a mistake or two in him but I thought Rafa picked players based on form? Surely Darlow or even Woodman deserve a chance?
  3. Starting most of, if not all of, Diame, Manquillo, Joselu and Elliot and expecting to win.
  4. Can't get my head around how low we've stooped. Kind of numb to it though whereas I'm angry about Mbappe to PSG. To be honest when Rafa goes it'll be a relief - I'll still support the club but with no fervour.
  5. Because there aren't good jobs going and I don't think he'll want to be sitting at home. Plus I don't doubt he appreciates us as fans, and the family geography thing.
  6. I know we're not a big club but have to laugh at Chris Kamera saying the losers of this window are Chelsea and Arsenal
  7. I think we'll spend big in January now, actually. Because we'll have to. Rafa won't trust Ashley again - undermined and lied to twice now in the space of 8 months. I don't think he'll walk immediately but his days are numbered and what manager would want to join us now? In the meantime Brighton are still bringing in players, including one of ours on loan. Absolute joke.
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