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  1. I'd nationalise the rail and utilities - the latter two have nothing to do with left v right.
  2. Them fuckers from 'Stop the War Campaign' I keep seeing shared all over my Newsfeed are literally the left's equivalent of Britain First. Some of the discourse and imagery being used by them on social media is nothing short of shameful. If they're so keen on entering negotiations with an organisation who are hell bent on the subjugation and murder of anyone who doesn't agree with their ideals, then may I suggest we fund their flights to Syria to begin peace talks. So far these enlightened individuals have: -Praised the 'internationalism and solidarity' of ISIS, drawing comparison with
  3. This. People that have a go at all Muslims are dicks, there's plenty of them on Facebook, generally their occupation is: 'works at footsoldier for North East INFIDELS' But at the same time there's a worrying number of people that think criticism of an idea is bad. Islam is an idea. It's an idea which fosters intolerance towards women, homosexuals, and people that don't follow Islam. For that reason I think it's pretty shit. The same of course is true of Christianity. The difference being, that Christians in this country have en mass drifted away from following their holy literatur
  4. The taxpayer pays for it mate. We already pay for a methadone treatment program for 150,000 people (that was in 2009, the number is almost certainly higher now), surely this would make more sense financially in the long run? Especially seeing as the methadone treatment programme doesn't seem to really be reducing the number of new addicts at all - where as this clinic in Liverpool did do just that, by removing the need for a dealer. Surely that's the thing that stops people getting into these new habits? I personally would never consider taking a drug like heroin even if it was legal and
  5. In fact on reflection, even the hardest drugs are better off legalised and regulated. This little excerpt is fascinating, I'd love to see the documentary itself if anyone knows where it can be found.
  6. Can see excellent arguments both for and against the airstrikes. I would point out one thing though. It would be nice if the anti-interventionists would refrain from attempting to hold a monopoly on 'compassion', and acknowledge the fact that inaction will result in just as much, if not more innocent blood being spilled than UK airstrikes. So calling people 'child killers' and 'evil' for agreeing with the strikes is a bit simplistic. I know the Kurds appreciated them a hell of a lot in Iraq.
  7. Of course drugs should be legalised/regulated. It's the most frustrating topic in the world to debate. No matter how much empirical, logical or medical evidence you put forward, you'll get shouted down with abuse/emotive blackmail/told you're wrong just 'because'. It's not because I think drugs are cool, or because of any underlying psuedo-libertarian ideals that 'the state shouldn't tell me what I can and can't put in my body!!!!' (although I do agree with that somewhat). It's because I want less people to die. Drug policy within a nation should focus on what has the best possible o
  8. Anyone that thinks Corbyn can win in 2020 - play around with this. https://moreknownthanproven.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/new-improved-model-to-see-if-corbyn-can-win-a-general-election/ You win elections by appealing to middle england - not the greens.
  9. It's fucking awful this, and the worst part is there isn't any obvious answer. Social media has went batshit mental. On the one hand we have groups of people making astonishing statements like 'these people have phone chargers - they are not refugees!!!!!' as if a middle class lifestyle and electrical goods mean they are safe from the threat of IS. On the other hand I've also seen plenty of people who have came to the conclusion that anyone who does not think allowing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the UK is a good idea is therefore a racist devoid of any compassion. The answer
  10. Was meant to be me but I gave it to a lad off Twitter as I was still feeling rough from the previous night.
  11. Getting pretty boring on Twitter seeing people that actively campaigned for/were members of the SWP, Greens, Communists, SPG, Respect etc at the general election act outraged at being denied a vote in the leadership election.
  12. Off to see Corbyn tonight in town, still no idea which way I'm going to be voting to be honest. There's no way Corbyn will win in 2020, however I wouldn't be adverse to him taking charge for a couple of years to challenge a lot of the one-sided rhetoric in the media, before parachuting someone a lot more electable in such as David Miliband or Dan Jarvis. The way he's portrayed in the media is his biggest problem, as someone earlier in the thread mentioned the majority of the public support nationalisation of key industries, but such a proposal by Mr Corbyn is being portrayed as 'extreme'
  13. If the Tories want a minimum % for a Union strike ballot to be valid then all they have to do is allow workplace ballots again, and I'd have no problem with it. They won't though - they want to have their cake and eat it. I'd understand if this was '77 and Jimmy from Leyland has just took the shopfloor outside because the coffee provided by the management wasn't up to scratch - but FFS it's 2015 and the Tube strike aside, the only other strikes that have occurred over the last 5 years have been in direct opposition to Tory policy, and have had full legitimacy. (FWIW I support the Tube strike a
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