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  1. That's their entire gameplan I'm afraid.
  2. A few of the Depor fans commented that they thought he was more effective up front. Isn't that where he used to play, before Depor moved him wide left? The Depor fans have cited his tendancy to be offside as his main problem up front though, they weren't surprised when they heard he'd scored an offside goal against Man Utd. Unlike Boa Morte, who I think can "do a job" up front, Luque has played much of his career there and could easily be a danger up front if we played him there, he has lightning pace, strength, he's good in the air and very dangerous shooting. They say his running isn't the m
  3. I think we're all well aware of the danger of that. But it's the fee of 12M which is frankly laughable. Have you ever heard of a businessman shaking hands on a guaranteed 5m quid loss?! It sounds like there could well be a release clause (or more likely 'agreement') but that figure seems ridiculous. Let's not forget that the reason Liverpool got shafted for only 8M was because he was entering the last year of his contract, where a players value will often more than halve as they risk losing him for nothing. We have him on a 4-year contract, so even if that is just a symbol, it will ensure we g
  4. The away games are the ones I'm more concerned about. I think we can beat anyone at home with our best team, you have to bear in mind we had terrible luck against Arsenal and Man Utd with the Jenas red card at Highbury and a hat-trick of injuries in under an hour against Man Utd. We were the better team in both games until that happened. Against West Ham and Bolton we were missing our only creative players for the entirity of both games (Emre and Dyer). We have brought in 3 new creative/dangerous players (Luque, Solano, Owen) so we should be more covered for such a scenario now. We also now ha
  5. We couldn't have asked for a better run of games in our current league position. Momentum is everything, we have an opportunity to shoot up the league and be up around the Champions League places by November, it's a chance we have to take with both hands.
  6. If we have Dyer back I'll feel a lot more confident, as he and Luque will give us a threat from both flanks and it seems like a long time since we had that. Surely Souness has to return to 4-4-2 for this game? Owen can't play as the lone striker and I wouldn't waste such an expensive player in an unfamiliar role. If we're going to play the team around anyone it should be Owen. If we play Shearer and Owen up top with Luque and Dyer bombing down the flanks we should have enough going forward to really cause Fulham problems. The atmosphere and buildup to the game should be fantastic. Owe
  7. No return date for Bowyer though.
  8. It's quite plausible we could see this: -----------Shearer---Owen----------- Luque-----Parker----Faye---Bowyer That's not that strong to be honest, like all great players Owen is capable of being anonymous as is Luque, and like any striker he will need service. Bowyer is a useless right winger and Faye is seriously lacking in confidence. Luque, Parker and Owen are class acts and we will need them on top of their game. Parker has been an excellent signing, he looks very reliable but he is certainly playing a more defensive role and he and Faye might not work together. If Dyer is ba
  9. Owen may well leave after a year, but if he does I'm confident we'll get most of our money back at least. When has a club ever agreed to a clause which says they will almost certainly lose 5 million quid in one year? 12M just sounds like a bitter rumour to be honest, is it any surprise it seems to have been started by a Liverpool journalist? There may be some sort of agreement, but there's no way we would agree to something that incredibly stupid. Let's not forget that Owen didn't have a lot of choice in coming here, so we didn't have to agree to all his terms, we were in quite a goo
  10. Who is going to play on the right side? Nobby suspended, Milner on loan, Dyer crocked. What's the latest on Dyer's injury, any chance of him making the Fulham game? Emre is also injured, so will we see Bowyer out of position on the right and Faye and Parker in the centre?
  11. I'd return immediately to 4-4-2, but I still believe in 4-3-3 against the big sides. When we had our full team we were the better side against Arsenal and Man Utd using 4-3-3. We were just bloody unlucky in both games, a dodgy red card against Arsenal and 3 injuries against Man Utd. That sort of thing weakens any team. Against everyone outside the top 3, I'd go 4-4-2. I rate Dyer but it's important to have a consistent first 11 who can gel and get a run of games together, and for that you need players who don't keep breaking down injured. Now Solano has arrived, Dyer has to fight f
  12. I can't wait to see our first 11, we just have to get them all fit at once. Solano's arrival may give Dyer a kick up the arse, knowing that he can't just come off the treatment table and automatically walk back into the first team. That midfield and strikeforce would give us many options, pace from Owen and Luque, power from Shearer and Parker, creativity from Emre and Nobby, and Solano's crosses for Shearer. We'd also have left and right-footed dead ball specialists, and we'd have Dyer to bring off the bench to run tired at tired defences. All sounds great in theory, but the bigge
  13. Cheers mate I was just going to ask if anyone had it.
  14. I know the Shearer line is an easy one to come out with for new signings to get onside with the fans, but I do think that Shearer would have that big advantage were he to become manager. He'd help us to attract big names, espescially English ones, because he was a star who came here near the peak of his career so you could say he's already put his money where his mouth is. Solano will bring us options we've lacked since we sold him. Consistent set-pieces, natural right-sided width, crosses for Shearer, intelligent, creative play and goals from midfield. Dyer's pace can be very effective on
  15. I'm less worried about him coming good, I'm more worried about our lack of central midfield cover. Although I've defended Faye in the past, he is beginning to prove his critics correct. Dyer is simply not a central midfielder, Clark was released by Fulham for christ sake. Basically we have Parker, Emre and Bowyer, and Faye to "do a job". I can see Clark getting a lot of action this season, it only takes two injuries and he's in the team. Having shite players in the team cost us valuable points last season. Elliott, O'Brien etc. I'd put Clark in that category these days, however harsh t
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