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    Considering yesterdays debacle has come on the back of a lot of awful results and heaps of bullshit, the team and especially the manager got off likely. I did hear a few sporadic cries of "Taxi for Roeder" and "we want Graeme Souness back!".
  2. Whilst i think Rockers actions were unnecessary, some of the bile thats been spouted in the aftermath has been embarrassing. People need to sort out whats important in their lives!
  3. BooBoo

    Theo Walcott

    Best thing about Walcott is his lass. On the cover of Arena magazine i think this month. Scantily clad.
  4. In his defence, the signings he has made haven't been bad. As he himself says, he could go out and sign several bad players for the sake of it. When you look at the players who he is aware of but not interested in signing, or the players he's watched, you see that the net is wider than Oliver's targets suggest. Martins has done ok for a £10m player, Sibierski was a lucky signing, Duff wasn't needed and Bernard and Rossi have been flops (albeit inexpensive flops). Roeder is sounding like a stuck up bitch who maintains she's holding out for "Mr. Right" and before she knows it she's a 40 year old spinster living in a house full of cats and its too late. The reason he got the job is supposed to be because he was the best manager available, better than us or any of the other candidates but to date his work in the transfer record is abysmal. The players are there, other clubs have signed them but Roeder's problem is that he can't identify the right player for the right price which is a huge part in being a successful manager. Excellent analogy!
  5. Really over the last three years we've succeeded in changing places and stature with Spurs. Sad to say.
  6. Oh, you're back here again now are you? Hello Booby Boy! Dear God...get N-O back online quickly. Silly sod.
  7. Must have been pretty demeaning for our junior lads that instead of training they would be filmed taking on the likes of Anthony from Big Brother and a few of the losers from So Solid Crew. Apparently they were told to go easy on the celebs so as not to injure them for the big game!
  8. Heard someone say at the weekend that Sky have pulled the plug on their football show The Match as they've realised the Z list celebs would never beat the pros. Thank god for that.
  9. Rossi was a pointless loan who contributed nothing of great significance during a thoroughly underwhelming loan period at NUFC.
  10. Close, but its the Razak Pimpong Big Hits DVD.
  11. Hey even Luque looks good on one of these compilations!
  12. ...the fact that West Ham have not scored in nine successive away games in the Premiership - 888 minutes tbp. Exactly, Newcastle are always the fall guy in these situations! WHU will score tomorrow, i'm certain of it.
  13. Nothing more cringe inducing than seeing two lads in front of me on Wednesday bollocking the crowd for "not suppoorting the Toon" when 4-1 down. These ones need putting out their misery.
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