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  1. Wey, you were quite happy to assist my Naravin of lamb with spring vegetables, iirc!
  2. Someone just pull the fucking trigger, I don't want it to be Craig
  3. I think you'll find I was provoked. Post editting. Post deleting. And whilst all that's going on, the same moderators/admins that banned me and defending a man who's single handedly dragged the quality of the forum down for at least 2 years.
  4. More behaviour alien to the forum before the new influx of hitlers, post deleting.
  5. I'd love them to equalise and actually lose on penalties for once.
  6. Surely you have to make up some rules for me to break before I go!
  7. Fuckin' annoying havin' to use a proxy btw. Unban my i.p you pricks.
  8. Happy face to the rescueeeee
  9. I'm skidmark anyway. And Hova. And thompers. Bored of this account now anyway Best doesn't even start anymore! Ciaoooo!
  10. Half expecting a male-mod on horseback to come riding to your rescue and show me the door You started it mind
  11. Representing the city appropriately
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