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  1. You're not making a lot of sense tbh Daniel. Take a few deep breaths in future.
  2. I know what you said. It still doesn't make any sense though. We saw a full season of the pre-injury Shearer. I've already said that.
  3. Funny how Llambias reckoned he was a Hughton signing btw. I wonder if he still claims that.
  4. You said he lost that yard of pace by the time he joined us though. Not that that really has much to do with the discussion about their playing styles.
  5. Chez said he was a good player tbf.
  6. Aye, I do remember him at Blackburn. Even then he was much stronger than Cisse at holding players off with his back to goal. I know Shearer has pace then too. He wasn't lightening quick but had enough pace to get away if he got the wrong side of you. Cisse just doesn't really remind me of him style-wise. There's some similarities though, the workrate for example. Shearer's loss of pace came as a result of the injury after he joined us btw. We saw about a season of the 'real' Shearer. Although 2 seasons before that, i.e. when Blackburn won the league was him at his very best. Sutton scored a sh
  7. I fucking doubt it like (although don't doubt they said that).
  8. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do.
  9. I don't think he's anything like him tbh. He's much more about movement and balls into the channels. Shearer was more adept with his back to goal. He's been compared to goals but 2J said he's a bit like Crespo in his Parma days which is spot on imo.
  10. LBT must have a view on this subject.
  11. Shearer never looked the player for NUFC that Cisse has since he arrived like. Don't try and interpret that btw, it means exactly what it says.
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