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  1. "I have been offered a two-year contract and it is something I am just mulling over at the present time," Kinnear said. "I have told Mike that I am not going to go back to football for at least another three months and then we will look at the situation then. ( telegraph.co.uk) No rush then Joe, November 5th sounds ok if its ok with you.
  2. Fuck me, I thought that was a Brazilian slum on a cloudy day! Fully aware I am probably going to make a complete tit of myself here but that isn't really Sunderland is it? Downhill I think. Can you see the yellow striped shirt on the balcony?
  3. Newcastle were worth 450m not so long ago Yeah but that was before Fat Ash, what you're proposing is to hand the money to him and hope he doubles it? No it will allow MA to walk away, and someone to come in with no debt.
  4. Newcastle were worth 450m not so long ago
  5. What about MA selling shares to fans to cover all the debt, maybe 100m? worthless now but in 5 years time if the club ever doubles its value to 200m, then each shareholder has 1 share.
  6. The word on the street is that the £100-150m owed to Ashley is still part of the deal, its just that the new owners have two years to pay it. My point is then who would risk, or gamble that newcastle will be promoted at the first or second attempt? The profitable group are in it for profit, in there words " the profitable group exists to increase the wealth of its clients, its employees, and its owners, through strategically selected products that offer exceptional returns along with risk that has been professionally assessed and minimised. Keith Harris also states anyone investing in a p
  7. he put a full stop after wear, cant be that bad
  8. who is going to buy newcastles debt, fat freddy knows the real cost of buying newcastle, hence the 60m he offered. you have to have 100m as a deposit!!! its not to buy the club, newcastle are an extra 150 million in debt, increasing by 10% in the next month, and so on. so why should anyone want to buy that much debt? or who would want to?
  9. that ideas was mentioned by a fair few people a while back, as a usual knee-jerk reaction to something. Or maybe a blueprint "plan" to guaranteed route to success. Good job Fred wasn't listening to them. Good old Fred Newell's already been sacked, so we left it too late. Y'know I reckon if we offered Luton £2m in compensation they'd probably still take it, somone make Freddy aware. mick harford has been linked to luton what about harford and shearer surely 2 strikers would realise we need a back 4
  10. get newell give him the 9million he should have had at luton, to win the prem next season
  11. Woodgate should be the first player we attempt to sign in summer. Can't wait to hear Leazes(I'm always right)mag's reaction to this news. We need strikers more than defenders do we? dont despair we will buy big next window bramble or woodgate butt or speed luque or chopra martins or kuyt boumsong or hughes dyer or jenas nzogbia or bellamy duff or robert siberski or shearer
  12. Do you want him to sign these short term players and slag him off, or do you not want him to sign them and slag him off ? Or do you - as is normal - naively believe the club can afford to buy half a team of superstars every summer...although you would then say there are "too many trophy signings" Canny laugh anyway honestly. why do you insist on putting words in people's mouths in a feeble attempt to justify your cretinous defence of shepherd? where have i said i expected us to sign a team of superstars? all i expected was our chairman and manager to have some kind
  13. the penny has finnaly dropped; "Titus has tweaked his ankle and his knee in the same incident and, although it's not serious in terms of him being out for three or four weeks, he is touch and go for the weekend," said the United boss, who will hope that Steven Taylor can shake off a foot problem. "I expect Titus to be fully fit soon and I'm not overly concerned. It was a precaution bringing him off. "But we have not got a lot of cover in the central defensive positions." you are joking glen?
  14. Newcastle United 3 - 0 West Brom Saturday Apr 22 2006 03:00 The relegation trapdoor is all but open for West Brom while Newcastle are banging on the UEFA Cup door. Bryan Robson's lacklustre side were never in the hunt as they were swept aside by a Newcastle outfit that has now won six games in a row. United moved level on points with sixth-placed Blackburn and have rattled in 10 goals in the last seven days, as caretaker boss Glenn Roeder has surely moved another step nearer towards getting the job full-time.
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