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  1. Is there a game going on today or something? Seriously tense! C'MON boys....you got this.
  2. Ha, I'm not trying hard at all, I assure you. I don't take much personally. That Queen video did sting a little though.
  3. Thanks! Always have loved Kafka. And I'm deadly serious...he'd represent a significant upgrade over what we've had going for over the last decade. I like politicians as much as I like people that fleece the elderly out of their life savings. Anyway, solid win today! Let's bring this thing home!
  4. Hey friend! Good point on every Newcastle game being on TV. Because when I check for the games, I don't read the description provided in the guide, I use tarot cards to determine what is actually going to be on. As you mentioned in what was frankly a little too cordial a manner for my liking, my crippling stupidity has apparently hindered my ability to live my life the way I'd prefer. Oh, I suppose the fact that my provider doesn't carry FS+ might be applicable to my situation, but what the hell. Why allow trivialities to stand in the way of a burgeoning, lifelong friendship, right?
  5. Not over here in "Soccer" country. DAMMIT. Seriously pissed off...if ESPN is carrying it over there, why aren't they streaming it on ESPN3 online at least? This is all I get: Moreirense vs Benfica. Fantastic. It sucks over here sometimes. Every place in the world has it's drawbacks, and the US is no exception. And it might seem like an idiotically small thing in contrast to other issues, but the whole "bag on football" thing is pretty irritating...people openly scoff at football fans, and I don't get it. The game is scintillating...it's the beautiful fucking game for god's sake! I m
  6. Watching our defense is like remembering that time in high school when I walked into a party, saw a group of like five or so incredibly attractive women in the middle of the room, and then, trying to look like a somewhat interesting person, forgot to use my eyeballs to scan my surroundings while I walked. I tripped over a chair and pulled down a lamp, which broke. I can still hear them laughing at me. We need some legitimate defenders like yesterday. It's almost more frustrating somehow to see us threaten offensively with a fair bit of consistency while knowing that, short of netting fi
  7. Nebula


    Without TV I'd never have an opportunity to watch NUFC, so I am infinitely grateful. Happy Face had some really interesting comments on the impact of TV towards the style of the game, favoring attacking over other aspects. We've seen the exact same thing occur with the major sports over here as well. Professional American football, basketball, and hockey have all adapted rule changes that have substantially altered the game(s). And the intent of these changes is to strongly emphasize offense, in all of these sports. And I think you were dead on with the conclusion that this caters to yo
  8. Indeed...it was duplicitous not to make that clear from the very beginning. Usually I only omit that information on sex chat IMs. I'll make a concerted effort to be more forthright in the future. Haha...my beloved Huskers. Nobody that cares about American college football ever seems to be lukewarm on 'em. It's either love or hate. And just like that, I'm branded. Shit.
  9. That's a good point. Thanks for the kind welcome, guys. Already like this board!
  10. Hey all! I've been lurking around for a bit, and figured I'd join. Try not to give me too hard a time. I come from the land where they call football "soccer," (which is a term I won't use around here for fear of disembowelment or worse) and after looking around at different NUFC forums, I figured this forum seemed to suit my personality the best. So, anyhow... Real Name: Kim Age: 32 Birthplace: Omaha, US Whereabouts: The same Job: Shady, illicit behavior. (Or not.) Favourite Club: Newcastle, period. Everyone else can piss off Favourite Band: A million bands...Pixies, Dyla
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