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  1. I liked how they came on here then chatted amongst themselves about how cliquey / clicky the place was.
  2. I wonder how this has gone down on Wearside btw.
  3. Say what you see, Chez; say what you see.
  4. Class that like. As is anything that has Dexter Fletcher doing an American accent.
  5. Had a couple of Lake Comos last night. Like Black Russians, only nicer.
  6. Anyway, Baggio could easily top any been there / done that arguments J2O tries to make in regard to this.
  7. i've said he's a cunt, I've said it's unacceptable and I've never used a racial slur in the heat of the moment, playing football or otherwise. Just in case that was aimed at a post you'd read and not just one of your trademark "I'm better than you" / straw man arguments of course
  8. Fap


    Your lass must like kebabs.
  9. Jeremy Beadle had a big cock, but on the other hand...
  10. Not that obscure really, disappointed tbh. I'd have included Percy Sledge's biography at the very least.
  11. I think that, while it's unpleasant, it's small fry in the grand scheme of things. I'd be delighted to see Terry get hauled over the coals for it but not because I think it's all that bad. I abhor racism btw but calling someone a 'black cunt' or whatever is being made out to be terrible by the media. I wonder how many black reporters there are at the likes of the Daily Mail (who tend to lead the charge for the moral highground).
  12. Turned into a 'Kandy Raver' iirc.
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