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  1. you choose a nice manager who.does press conferences you like, and I'll choose one that gets good results with shite players. What a gormless cunt.
  2. As if ignoring that's its results that count, fuel added to the fire by not realising that statements and press conferences are also where a manager is supposed to project the club in a positive light, in other words, he's just doing his job, confirming further their own stupidity.
  3. The only thing that matters is results, once again thousands of Newcastle.supporters have been shown up to be thick as fuck, he's propelled Palace way above us and did well.when he was here too with mostly shite players.
  4. You want to be lie Leicester or Southampton ? Are you for real ?
  5. And running like the club like a business has been just great these past 9 years hasn't it.
  6. It does, but this invasion of a message forum is a serious business.
  7. So what do you think dlshould be done about Calais. Lets just wave them all through then to show we aren't racists. I love it when fools talk crap and can't admit when.they are wrong.
  8. How is it childish ? Would you call Nigel Farage childish, or Enoch Powell ? Get real you thick cunt.
  9. "Liverpool fan in peace". Stupid cunt. Its not as if you've come with.a Kalashnikov is it ? Why do.you think we give a toss about Liverpool ?
  10. aye, solve the massive influx of foreigners and the drain of the countries resources by giving them a cuddle and putting them all up at your place
  11. You think you have met me? I don't think so.
  12. It probably was. But young people are now going to university because there is nowhere else for them to go.
  13. Was told there was some strange cunts on here you must be one of them
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