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  1. Massive strange looking spiders

    Do you live in England???
  2. A business question if I may...

    Ok thanks my friend, I have looked everywhere for this information but it looks like its going to cost me
  3. Does anyone know how I can get to know companies annual turnover on line. I have checked the companys website but most do not give their turnover. The companies im on about are all limited. Oh and it needs to be free Cheers in advance
  4. Maps - I need help

    Its for an interview. I want to show diferent areas on a presentation and list names of companies i will target underneath a map.
  5. Maps - I need help

    Hi everyone. Im trying to find some maps of the different areas of the north east, ie Tyne & wear, Northumberland, County Durham, Cleveland and also Cumbria. Do any of you know where i can get decent ones from that i can put in a powerpoint presenatation? Thanks
  6. Easy Jet - regular flyers

    Alright fellas, I have an interview next week down in Bristol and i am wanting to fly down the same day. Easy jet quoted me £55 last week but stupidly i didnt book it, now they are quoting £80. Is this price likley to come back down or will it keep going up? Thanks a bunch
  7. keirons are they all bling bling

    She was devastated mate, great to watch!! "Who the fuck are Sunderland?"
  8. xbox 360 repairs

    Will my 12 month warrenty start again when i get it back then?
  9. xbox 360 repairs

    My 360 is fucked (3 red lights), so i have to send it to Microsoft to be fixed. They are saying it could take up to 4 weeks to get it back but it will be probably be back sooner. Has anyone had to send theirs back and how long did it take to come back? Cheers me dears
  10. Alan Smith?!

    Maybe you should just stick to the Help forum, eh Henry? Ok shithead Why abuse? Why not its Friday (Sorry for any offence, was just for shits and giggles)
  11. Alan Smith?!

    Maybe you should just stick to the Help forum, eh Henry? Ok shithead
  12. Alan Smith?!

    Ill bet anyone 10 english pounds that this afternoon Anal tells us its "wide of the mark" like the nappy ripping bastard he is!
  13. AVI to DVD

    Hi Can somebody please tell me how to convert AVi files to DVD. ie i have downloaded a file and i want to put it on a dvd and watch it Cheers in advance
  14. Lovejoy quits soccer AM

    Thank fuck for that! He was begining to get on my tits!!

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