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  1. THIS except I would ban him tomorrow. How many warnings does one lunatic need. ' Destroying threads since before 2006 ' He was banned from N.O.L. for exactly the same thing. When one idiot spoils it for everyone else, kick the idiot out.
  2. They frightened me ... watched the game from behind the settee
  3. What that bitch did was out of revenge and spite . She was part of the Heath goverment that the miners had brought down (she was stealing the school-kids milk at the time for any that dont know) She was determined to :- A. Make sure that the miners couldnt do that to her government B. Get her revenge for Ted
  4. A minutes laughing and cheering would suit me
  5. Dont all volunteer at once.
  6. would anyone on here be willing to teach me ? (acoustic)
  7. Purely gut feeling, I think he jumped rather than be pushed. And in the words of an old song ''There may be trouble ahead''
  8. Im sure they are hoping for HMRC to back down. As things stand the tax man would get nothing after other creditors got their share. I believe this is just a lever, to get the Tax man to settle for a much lower sum.
  9. BTW can someone turn off that bright blue print option --- it hurts my head and its a twat to try and read it.
  10. Anyone else notice how much the cheating bastards had made the pitch smaller ? Length and width. To change your pitch size once the league has started has to be wrong. Shit -- beat me to it
  11. Everyone seems to be assuming that the 'illegal substance' is a recreational drug, ie Peruvian Marching Powder. Might it not as easily be something like 'Roofies' ? If that is the case, he possibly would not have taken them himself. Although having seen him play .............
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