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  1. "Mackems won the play offs, I see? Get onto Dawn 'Dawney' Thewlis at Look North and make sure any coverage is minimal. We'll have them calling it Look Newcastle before the programme has even finished. Any questions just tell them it's the Cabal and that will nip that in the bud."
  2. Murphy needs to do some serious work on his one v one with keepers. Worst I've seen at it since Kevin Dillon ran from the halfway line totally unmarked towards the keeper, then let the keeper gather the ball before falling down. (You had to be there).
  3. So he gets us 11th after boarding a sinking ship. Great job and finishing 11th rather than 10th maybe not the worst omen after SBR had two 11th finishes whilst he sorted the team out so that we then finished in the CL spots the following season and after the Hughton/Pardew 11th place finish we then finished fifth. Obviously if that happened again the trick is not just investing in a Lee Bowyer or a Vurnon Anita.
  4. 'Was' maybe if you were around at the time? It's like the people of 1910 going around dressed up as Wellington or Nelson or going on about cannons and sailing ships ad nauseam. It's getting fucking bizarre being nostalgic for something you never experienced and most people who actually did experience it didn't have rose tinted glasses and are almost all long dead.
  5. Aye? Well I've got up and made cups of tea and breakfast and that was before nine o'clock so the winning isn't confined to boldon.
  6. It's 'Wakey' apparently, or 'Waykah' if you're local.
  7. I wonder how long it'll take them to complain about parashewt payaments giving other teyums an unfair advantage when they're getting humped every other week?
  8. Fancied them to win tbh hence not watching them. I can see a few unhappy faces next seysun once the novelty wears off and they're getting twatted on a more regular basis.
  9. I was going to watch it but put the Scottish cup final on instead. Fuck watching them.
  10. This tale about his tail.
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