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  1. Gale: "We'll never know what it would've been 11 v 11". Carry on with this patter, wor kid. It's funny as fuck.
  2. Sounded gutted when we scored as well. Didn't seem happy that Longstaff got up and was ok. He's made it better by his whinging, reckons it's spoiled the game?
  3. If Russia are losing towards the end then Putin could send the keeper up front for corners/free kicks.
  4. He's took enough of Putin's money the fucking hypocrite.
  5. I was taken to a foreign holiday with my sister by my grandparents in 87 to Italy. My aunt and cousin was there too, My folks gave us some spending money so sis and cousin spend money on shite but I keep a hold of mine till one day I walk past the Italian version of monumento Sports Dixono and see a Juventus kit* in the window which you didn't see here. I got it with my cash and was the envy of all the lads of Walker who beheld it. Anyway, around the family hotel was an elderly family matriarch who clapped eyes on my kit who couldn't let me past every time she saw me without babbling away about the animal, Maradona and the gentleman Platini, (We were in the north). *It was a fans version but no cunt was the wiser back home then and it wasn't like the daft fakes in Spain a decade or so later.
  6. "He's a canny kid, ah lap him up really and he always sticks up for the toon on sky but he's playing with fire here, like. If ah say he's going to play then you don't poke the tiger with a stick by saying ahm talking shite. There's a couple of lanes in the toon and Downie needs to get into his fucking sharpish if he knows what's good for him."
  7. Might watch QT now for a change as even they surely can't spin the current shite? Plus the NUFC milf, err, sorry, the definitely MLF is on as well......
  8. Hang on, they've wildly jumped to a conclusion that puts Sunderland in a good light? I'm going to have to lie down.
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