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  1. Man City...again? Is this a fucking joke!?

    Luckily I'm going to miss most of this.
  2. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Whatever floats your boat, Gloomy.
  3. They reckon the Ronny Gill has their own 'boot room' at the end of the season Gibbo says the bonuses are on the table, if you've earned one, take one, whilst the Knight says to anyone who questions him, 'put your awards on the table." True story.
  4. "Ah! Ah'm canny sure ah knaas this one, like. It's on the tip of me tongue.....err, aye..... it's Abu Dubai! That's the one, Abu Dubai."
  5. "Your questions start.....now! What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?"
  6. "Saudi Arabia. The kashee-oggy bloke and the takeover of the cathedral on the hill."
  7. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    I told him a few years ago he'll sound that bit more Geordie if he changed his name to 'Tin of beans' instead but did he listen?
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  9. Precedent Trump

    I personally think he's looking a little bit more presidential, lately.

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