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  1. He couldn't finish his breakfast. Works hard but those goals were definitely the exception not the rule.
  2. Birtles just likes to moan, I notice he's managed to give up saying 'dear me'. Well they've scored so now he can call our lot.
  3. 3,000 away fans going mental and all you can hear is a few hundred Chelsea fans? Looks like the mysterious disappearing microphones at arsenal has moved across London.
  4. I'm sorry, I couldn't past the cockney geezer saying he wasn't as diplomatic as other pundits then going on to say his biggest achievement was getting to the championship. I wish Howe had've said, 'Sorry, who is this, again?'
  5. Doing old friends a favour plus keeping everyone on it and match fit. His only problem might be players pulling out of tackles.
  6. Probably be a defeat, plenty of changes, not much to play for, Chelsea at home trying to make some sort of amends for a joke season. Always think the home team wins on the final game of the season when there's nothing at stake.
  7. When Sunderland first went to the third division it was a play off game, they were third bottom of the second division and lost to third division Gillingham over two legs on away goals. As has been said, Charlton managed to stay up by winning their first division/second division play off. I remember being very bitter about finishing third in 1990, 90 minutes from a possible title then losing to sixth place Sunderland. Because it was still fairly new it seemed so wrong.
  8. Not really arsed but Coventry for me. Luton were a blight on the top flight all those years ago.
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