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  1. Shelves in Sainsburys looking a bit more sparse today. People mustn't be believing in Britain enough?
  2. Read today that Bruce wanted to involve Grealish as a makeweight in a bid for a Boro striker when he was there.
  3. My Dad has had about twenty five years of reading the mail and it shows. I've got to change the subject and this was never him. He actually said the words 'do-gooder lawyers', 'left wingers' and something about an immigrant knocking over some old lad and not getting deported. He doesn't do social media so it's only LBC radio and the daily mail where this shit comes from.
  4. I genuinely feel sorry for some of the younger fans today who missed out on this, not even about the football which was just as shit! I clicked on a TF YouTube show for 5 mins before turning it off where three lads were naming their favourite NUFC chants/songs and I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard some of their comments. The poor, poor bastards, (seemed decent lads as well). Jonjo Shelvey songs, Mo Diame songs which etc. At least we had the consolation of a great day out.
  5. Instead of average players standing with a grimace and their arms folded as if they're on Pawn Stars maybe we need to copy the Italian model when presenting a new shirt?
  6. I decided to to take a punt on a DH gate of the new home one even though I really hate the shit sponsor. (boredom must've kicked in that day). (It'll be the first 'current' shirt I've bought since about 2003. (It was £14 and Ashley needs to see the triads if he wants a cut).
  7. He was immense considering what he lost but even he must've thanked the stars for Bobby putting that side around him at that stage of his career. The likes of Bellamy and Dyer's pace, Speed's runs on crosses, Nobby's balls over must've been a bit of a tonic for him after a couple of mediocre seasons* for the team as a whole compared to the team he joined. * Mediocre by the standards of the time. If it happened now the Ronny would have a pull out special and Bruce would be in the hat for half the national pundits manager of the season!
  8. "Bill do yous fancy a game in Sunderland?"
  9. This might even be worse than the time they took Neil McDonald off us.
  10. I can just about handle the clock but I can't stand the garter. I hate being roped into it on the odd occasion.
  11. As brilliant as he was he never had the longevity which was a real shame because you couldn't get enough of watching him when he was on song.
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