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  1. I'd say the mackem just shades it on this one. Tragic league division one: MLF Jake 2-1 Rich Energy Walter Mitty MotM Jake wins a case of rich energy. The loser get two cases.
  2. I worked with a literal half wit who said Asamoah Gyan was better than Demba Ba. You can't argue with that level of stupid. One ended up at the CL champions Chelsea and the other at some club in Abu Dhabi.
  3. He's shit isn't he? When BskyB were recruiting and ended up with Tyler and Keys I'm not saying they were struggling to get the best talent but Keys did the sports bit after the news on TV am struggling to take his eyes off Ulrika Jonnson and Tyler was a decidedly average commentator on ITV. Keys would have you think he was innovative and blah blah blah but he was obviously all they could get, ditto Tyler.
  4. Apparently some of them have tried to start a 'debate' claiming Sessegnon was better than ASM because.....well...... I've no idea why? (Now I'm not saying they are wrong but I don't think ASM will get sold to.......checks notes....... West Bromwich Albion).
  5. I'm not a football hooligan at all but one of their lot was saved from a sore jaw by the fact a bairn was very close by. Absolute epitome of the classic cockney wanker and caked his pants when pulled up. Most gutted I've been coming out of a match is between this and the 1990 play off.
  6. The wife had an elderly great uncle who was Polish. Never noticed any racism about him Whatsoever but the bloke lived some life being held at one point held by the Soviets and then the Nazis then getting over here to get back in Europe and fought in Monte Cassino among other places. Lovely bloke.
  7. Take away his NUFC time and he's still excruciatingly awful to listen to. How the fuck someone thought he'd make a good 'pundit' absolutely beats the shit out of me.
  8. No, I only helped where it was donkey work and I was off plus painting etc when done. I knew just about everyone who had to do jobs so that helped as if there was a fuck up it wouldn't be left like that as they'd have to face me in the future!
  9. He's one of those people where the tradesman claps his hands together then starts rubbing them as soon as he looks at him.
  10. Well it was easier on the eye but HOLD THE FUCKING PRESSES AND NEVER STOP HOLDING THEM......... This is what separates the men from the boys, the Hopes from the Ryders. 👏👏
  11. 'If patta was watta he's the fucking Sahara desert.'
  12. Unlike my Murphys, he's bitter as fuck.
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