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  1. Coronavirus

    Not to mention the contents of your sack.
  2. Coronavirus

    Forgot about that.
  3. Coronavirus

    I know you've all been frantic worrying, but worry no more, my test came back negative. Daughter had to leave school and isolate till I got the results, got them this morning, sent her in then her mate gets a call on the way telling them a classmate, (not in their bubble but whom they've had contact with) has tested positive so it was about turn before she even arrived. Apparently just hearing her mate's mam has been informed she can go back in so expecting a similar call pretty soon. It's all a bit disruptive, isn't it? I called in work and told my test was negative and they didn't even discuss the fact I'm not feeling too clever it was just a 'see you tonight'.
  4. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

    Did he do the voice for Darth Vader?
  5. Coronavirus

    Other than the supermarket once and work, I've been nowhere for over a week. Work isn't socially distanced properly although they pretend it is and one of the daughters works at a pharmacy and the other has recently went back to school. Could have caught it through all of those or more likely just have a head cold.
  6. Coronavirus

    Well I had a test today. Don't have a temperature etc but do have the cough and feel rough. Managed to get a test in Murton, past Seaham so a bit of a drive. Someone related to a lass who works with the eldest bairn had one today at Byker whereas I got stuck in Apache land. I was in a rush otherwise I'd have had a black and white scarf hanging out of the rear car window on the way down, (hear what I'm saying essembee).
  7. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Poor cunt having to deal with sensational headlines that other teams who get embarrassed 3-0 at home to Brighton don't have to. #prayforBruce Fucking mealy mouthed arsehole, man. said the other day that comparing his patter, mannerisms, dynamism etc with Kevin Keegan was like comparing the force of a whirlwind with the force of a rather constrained, silent fart.
  8. Coronavirus

    Even I'm not that heartless. You on the other hand, Mumsnet-diet-fad-CT-esque......
  9. Coronavirus

    Sorry to hear that, @wykikitoon.
  10. Other games 2019/2020

    I've seen a lot worse.
  11. Other games 2019/2020

    It's a bit early 90's paisley-tastic isn't it?
  12. Cunts v Cunts

  13. Cunts v Cunts

    Essembee conclusion...... COWARDICE. In this instance I'd plump for CLUELESSNESS.
  14. Cunts v Cunts

    After hearing how much better this side is that Bruce has from Jamie Redknaap I have to say I'm a little bit shocked.
  15. Cunts v Cunts

    Some managers must see Bruce coming a mile off.

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