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  1. The pre season thread

    You've noticed me. Bless ya What's the craic like? Why does this site share folks email addresses and personal details?
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    Strange like, what with you being an almost 24 hour a day presence on there. You know as well as I do you love it.
  3. The pre season thread

    It's incredible, has anyone been into town today? A real feel good factor has enveloped this city following this latest victory. Bohemians humiliated and we win the Anglo-Irish Championship 2016. I'd say this ranks with the Fairs Cup victory. That was a made up trophy as well. Here's to more famous European Saturday afternoons.
  4. The pre season thread

    Admiring the celebrations. One of my mag mates has had an impromptu European night toncelebrate the victory.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    I wasn't talking about gipping Mackems. I was on about Macdonald agreeing to put his name to some shite Mark Douglas has written to try and get clicks off mackem message boards. The Kron is desperate.
  6. The pre season thread

    Bohemians are a regular Champions League outfit. Looks like Rafa used all his European nous and smashed them. That's what £5m a year gets you you see. Champions League quality. Since dwarfication it's going to be critical.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Wasnt about Big Sam mate. It was about Super Mac prostituting himself to write what the Chronicle tell him to. He didn't write that bollocks. You not noticed the Kron getting so desperate they're fishing for clicks off the Mackems yet? Look out for it because its a growing trend. A lot of their articles end up on Rtg, they might get a few hundred clicks off some of the ones that arouse the most outrage / laughs. No coincidence.
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Supermac should retire gracefully. Only the Chronicle would pay the demented old twat to write stuff to be fair
  9. NUFC v The Great Unwashed

    When are we expecting the annual Steve Taylor pre - derby rallying cry? The club really need to lock him in a box this week. Its one thing shoving a form player out in front of the cameras but sending out Taylor just because he's a Geordie and has form for upsetting mackems puts us on a hiding if we lose. the mackems are expecting it:- http://www.wearewearside.com/post/2016/03/15/steven-taylor-most-important-player-for-sunderland-on-sunday.aspx

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