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  1. No, you were right first time. I was absolutely pissing myself laughing.
  2. And there you have it, the team that keeps on giving Points away at home 2 nowt up seconds to go and.......keeper does them.
  3. They've had 60% possession. They love possession. Possession and attendances.
  4. Not going well in the cup. When else are they going to play you? Thick get.
  5. When you've won away and the biggest concern is a team who are not in your division.
  6. Meanwhile in the "real world" we have a potential world champion #garage
  7. I've just looked back there again. Apparently there is some event going on at the ground. Backs up the last post. Black = African.
  8. That is exactly how I see it, racist as fuck. I'm no snowflake, I hate that term, but I've been reading some of the posts and it is out and out racism.
  9. Trafalgar Square is mackem Mecca. Imagine getting a carrier bag of Ace lager and jumping around shouting at Grey's Monument?
  10. Here's an idea. Make your own mind up you tit.
  11. Parking, breakfast now bags. How do they function ffs?
  12. It appears some of the thick fucks thought this was serious. No wonder they like discussing parking and what they are wearing to a football match.
  13. What time to set off and parking in the same post!
  14. There's a couple of reasons I like this. Q. Anyone on the train? A. I'm driving. And where the fuck is St Pancreas?
  15. That rubbish blowing round the place doesn't chuck itself on the pitch man.
  16. I'm not racist but.... Why not just say The Pitcher?
  17. We've had Magedia, Almoron and a few more genius plays on words. This fella has just won gold. Newcsavile United! Skylon is at the forefront of world human rights issues and loves banging on about paedophiles.
  18. I'm watching it on a moody stream. You can hear individual voices in the small gathering that turned up.
  19. Have you not heard of The Ukraine?
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