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  1. Mods, ban this fool. He's a gibbering wreck who thinks he's in a class war and thinks he owns a 'banhammer'. That's over and out from me. See you in a few year. In the meantime enjoy your stay in the lower regions courtesy of Sunderland.
  2. I can't take anyone using the logic: "not left-wing so must have voted UKIP" seriously. Take that as a lesson, sunshine. You want to engage someone in a political discussion? Then act like you have something to offer.
  3. I only popped in to say it was good while it lasted and thanks for the memories. Should have known that the Geordie lot couldn't take it in the spirit of old times and gentlemanly combat. On the plus side, many of you appear to be at least semi-literate which has been mildly surprising and I tip my hat to the education system in that even on Tyneside the country is producing people who can string a couple of sentences together. Short on logic mind you, but steady improvement is commendable.
  4. Kid? Fuck me, the gaffer has spoken. None of your fucking business, dickhead.
  5. More nonsensical Geordie logic. "Not left-wing so must vote UKIP". You can't really be that idiotic, surely? And, I suppose it's a sign that you don't have anything worth talking about so take the default position of resorting to whatever it was that you just posted. Out of idle curiosity is there any fucking point to you posting on a message board?
  6. As your own poster said, this thread has been running for years. That's years of investing your energy in us. Personally, I don't think you are obsessed. I think you're tragic. Desperately, desperately kidding yourselves that we're nothing without you, even when it's pointed out that we're quite looking forward to the new season and seeing what the summer brings in terms of signings - whether or not you lot are here with us is no more than a source of amusement. I think it appears to be obsession on your part because of your desperation to convince yourselves you have more importance t
  7. Typical left-wing fool. Everyone is too stupid to see your reality. You must see the irony of your 'caring, sharing, equality' philosophy, well I say philosophy but on reflection I mean self-serving illusion; when actually you think everyone else is a pack of idiots who could never match your towering political intellect. Problem is it is you and your political ilk who lost the argument. Class war my back shute - every fucker is too busy watching Netflix and eating pizza to give a shite about your class war. History has proven that the left is a pack of power mad lunatics who whene
  8. I didn't ask for Ian Lavery's opinion or that of an 80 year old. I asked for your opinion. Can you not speak for yourself?
  9. So what exactly is the history of the Durham miners?
  10. Not only was I alive I spent a lot of time following SAFC around the country that season. On the other hand, it may have escaped your notice but this is not 1987. This is 2016 and as it stands SAFC are a top flight club, unlike our local rivals. Why is it that nothing you lot post follows any sort of logic? I'm almost convinced you're all on some serious mind bending drugs, the only other possible option is that you're one person with multiple accounts and that person is posting from inside Broadmoor's wing for irretrievably brain damaged but harmless lunatics.
  11. Firstly, I'm only repeating what your own posters are saying: apparently Stoke are nobodies, you don't think you're any better than them, which makes you nobodies. Not my words, I'm simply agreeing. Secondly, only in your world, and you lot are prone to hyperbole (the Geordie Nation, the Messiah, King Kev and so on); would a few posts on a message board constitute 'life'. Thirdly, I do care about you to an extent. You're our local rivals. But, as it stands hostilities have been suspended because we have bigger fish to fry.
  12. England has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning that tournament.
  13. He did say: "Stoke are nobodies". So, if you're not better than them then the inference is that you're nobodies. Tell you what, tip of the hat for your honesty - and the other poster's. Finally we have an acknowledgement that you're nothing - just another second division club with not much to look forward to. In your own words: "nobodies".
  14. He picked Rashford because he doesn't fancy Sturridge to stay fit. We'll have to disagree on the Defoe thing. As I say though, better for us as he gets a summer to concentrate on SAFC.
  15. Go back and read your own post. You said: "they're nobodies", the implications being obvious. Not only do you lot talk shite, you can't even remember what the fuck you're posting. There must be some sort of deep malaise at Newcastle because the owner's a fucking idiot, the players don't give a fuck and the fans are gibbering wrecks who think they're Barcelona and can't remember what they posted 30 seconds earlier. Then we have the full kit idiot with his Man City flag and odd shoes. Something the matter with this lot. They're not normal.
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