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  1. So they're stopping up and we're losing in the playoffs final to Leeds?!? Fucking clowns :')
  2. Got it! I did receive a call from a Mr AJA saying I had won tickets to the Mancastle United Aston Rovers game. Think they're related? All it cost me was my life savings. What a bargain!
  3. It does come from a @@nufc.co.uk email address and just says they'll call me at some point on the day, which I thought was a bit dogey. Haha sorry mate, had work head on when sending this, I got through to the stadium tours but they didn't know what I was on about haha, waiting for an email back. I can't imagine it not being legit but I don't really know what I've won, if anything!
  4. Edited haha . I did enter a competition that I saw on twitter for last nights game, so it's surprised me a bit. Haven't managed to ring the box office yet because I'm at work but I have emailed them and I'm waiting for a reply. Email says to go to main Milburn reception from two hours before kick off and that some bloke will ring me on the day to take me pitch side. The cynic in me says I've been done over. Just seems a little informal to me. DEIT. I did enter a competition for a stadium tour in January so I might be getting confused?
  5. Alright lads I received an email from the box office the other day saying I'd won a competition to be Member of the Match after entering on the website. It's for the Villa game on the 20th. Has anyone from this board won anything like this before? Apparently you get 2 lounge tickets and directors box tickets and since this is a Monday night I just wanted to make sure it was all legit before spending money on travel and accommodation. Cheers
  6. I'm only kidding mate I just want you to know you would have learned to love the rape haha
  7. Haha no worries. Enjoy man. It's the rape comment that's scared him off really I can tell
  8. 1-2 for me. We need to figure out what our best 11 is and no doubt the team will need time to gel. That could take a few months.
  9. Sorry for the double post but has what's it like having a ticket for bar 1892?
  10. It's not ideal. Might be able to get half price train tickets through a friend who works at the train station though.
  11. No worries mate. I suppose the worst case scenario is catching the train every week, not the end of the world.
  12. It's worse still. I'm a smelly rapist who's gonna keep chatting shit while I'm inside you....
  13. I'd love to but don't know of many toon fans in my area, not sure how much interest there'd be.
  14. I contacted Yorkshire Mags but unfortunately after a few deaths in the group and a lack of interest this was stopped. I can only assume the site hasn't been updated to reflect this.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards here but I was looking for some advice. I'm thinking of buying a season ticket for the first time but would have to travel alone from Doncaster. Does anyone know of any local supporter travel in the area? Also, if I go for the 1892 bar, can I enjoy a pint while waiting for all the hustle and bustle to die down at full time? Cheers
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