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  1. No seriously not. Please man don't insult me. Just wasn't best pleased with that at all. It didn't help hearing Lascelles was missing and Jonjo, but in honesty it will be the same again next week, dire viewing. I can't lie there were some good displays and discipline shown by some, but just no threat at all, Chelsea have a poor record visiting us also. Don't chase out the newcomer, just because I have a differ in opinion. 👍🏼
  2. As long as you're happy with what your watching 👍🏼
  3. Is the way forward to take a 0-0 week in week out. Very negative set up.
  4. I don't believe either have injuries. But I'm guessing we all know that. Rafa loves Jamaal and encouraged him to be as aggressive and straight talking as he is. He also was happy when they had a bust up him and Diame last season claiming it's healthy for the players to care so much and fights happen all the time on the training pitch. So I'm not sure what it's all about....?
  5. Worried, my two favourite players missing from the line up. I missed the excuses from Rafa as to why?
  6. I was just about to post, when is the next one. Gutted I'm still away, I must make one of these, missed the last one too.
  7. Olu Deniz second visit in the last two years. Amazing resort, whenever I chat to people about trips away, nobody knows of of it. Has some awesome places to eat, loads to do and fab hotels dotted around all over. I think now, We have decided it's our new favourite go to destination, doesn't have the madness of marmaris, more relaxed but loads of fun to find if you want it, don't know if you guys have been or know of it, has one of the top beaches in Europe and the images online don't lie, what you see is what you get, a stunning 5* blue flag turquoise water beach with
  8. David Kelly, My Ma would would definitely remember a needle. My aunt on the other hand, you're welcome 😁
  9. Hi. Thanks for having me. Nufc fan for 28 years. Cheers.
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