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  1. It's ok, Dan. They call all of us with floppy tallywackers odd.
  2. I'm not a misogynist. I'm a misanthrope. Shirley.
  3. Hello? It's 6:30 pm EST November 18th! We need better players! Especially up front. Amanda, don't play us like this. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ok Noellie....whip out your shmeckle, impress the lady and get us over the line!
  4. Unfortunate there. The wrong person had the ball at their feet for goal on that glorious build up. Still should have scored.
  5. Noellie has it spot on in his short, direct way of saying things. I'll say 2-0 Manchester. Hope for the best, but just don't see it here.
  6. Italy vs Sweden. Who advances to the World Cup? Who ya got? I think Italy are in big big trouble here. I say Sweden.
  7. Did you get it? Thoughts? I've stayed away the last few years so I'm curious and thinking of picking it up.
  8. Ugh..not a back problem. I've seen athletes in other sports that are never the same after back injuries. Hope it's different for him and is fully healthy when he gets back.
  9. I don't care what department store you went to you could have been here supporting NUFC. You, Andrew, Tom, Ant, and let's see here where's my notebook... ...oh yes, Ant and Alex, Meenster, and quite a few of you are responsible for the mixed up mojo over the last couple of weeks. Yup, bad mojo. Shame.
  10. Where were YOU on Saturday?
  11. Everton just equalized against Watford 2-2 But how does Watford get a guy like Richarlison? Only 20. Would love to have him on the left side.
  12. You forgot to turn your clock back 1 hour.
  13. My kingdom for top-flight offensive players.