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  1. Another one covering himself in a Euro flag ?
  2. By all means blow your own trumpet - Remainers tend to do a lot of that, as we see here. Successful - That'll be why Greece Spain Portugal etc have serious problems, then But whatever - believe as you see fit. But my guess is all this is to wriggle out of Brexit and has been all along
  3. I wasn't aware Davis did, going by his comments As for the other don't know him. Kenneth Clarke was and he is an ultra reaminer - like yourself. Still no answer why a referendum should be ignored or why if it did happen it wouldn't lead to much worse
  4. Was May a remainer ? YES. Was there ONE single person she selected to do the Brexit deal an actual Brexit voter ? No. Not one. Even Corbyn saw that wouldn't work or come up with a workable plan
  5. Oh, I'd guess Ive got more than enough IQ and to spare - I don't know yours and I'm not stupid enough to assume like yourself - but I can guess going by the moronic reply
  6. Please explain how YOU know it won't when the only others who say the same are remainers - like your petulant self
  7. I see the petulant what-passses-for-a-brain is working ok, though - sadly
  8. Out. Out. Out. This "peoples vote" - we've had a "peoples vote" - it was the referendum. If they try to derail the referendum where the **** does it end ? The result of the election didn't please us. Lets do it again. And again. And again. The main sticking point is supposed to be the Irish - as ever. And I detect it's more out of traditional petulant spite than need. Even the European side are getting fed up with their disruption
  9. Certainly become a fans favourite with even better to come I think
  10. I did say at 0-2 if there WAS a God we'd win and the ref would get poetic justice and Pickford would come a cropper........Ooooeer. Was the big bloke upstairs telling me something ?
  11. And Christalmighty we needed that with Tottenham doing their recent falling like a house of cards (against everyone but us of course) to Soton and West Ham not bothering their arse v Cardiff
  12. Stinking BBC site is wailing that our winner was offside - only the bastards can't agree among themselves WHO was offside wortthless sack of shit Dion Dublin says Rondon the usual turd says Perez
  13. I'd prefer a little poetic justice on the ref and further punishment for Pickford
  14. If theres a God, Newcastle would win this and Pickford is sent off for punching the referee
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