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  1. People on Twitter going off it because Botman has not started. They will be the same people who have never seen him play or probably even seen Burn play. How can some of our fan base be so critical of Howe so fast? I sort of expected it after we won 1 or 2 cups but not less than a year after starting the season with Ashley and Bruce.
  2. Does anyone know any decent places to get a nice breakfast? Despite the only two places I have mentioned being in South Sheilds, I am based in Newcastle.
  3. Didn't he go off injured yesterday?
  4. I don't get what has happened to Fede. My memory is not too sharp but am I right in saying he played 1 game under Howe as a sub and from what I remember he did well.
  5. Currently sat in Coleman's in South Sheilds. I don't get it. Average at best. It is moments like this that reminds me why I have a strong dislike of South Sheilds. That and their ice cream which is also average at best yet they shout about how amazing it is.
  6. By big name players, what I meant is players that will help us make the next step. I see the likes of Botman, Trippier, and Bruno as big names for us. I also see the need to make the next step up front. I can also see them being sold a vision for the future but I don't think they will be that concerned if we waited until January or even next summer to get the right type of player. The improvement up front will help the team overall but will not make the difference between silverware this year. I also think we need to remember that we are less than 12 months into the new ownership. It is not like people were sold a dream 3 years ago that seems to have gone nowhere.
  7. I didn't realise this had already been posted. This is the place I went. It was absolutely amazing. I am not a fan of South Shields but I am 100% going to be going back there again. The waiter was great and the food was phenomenal. I am not normally that bothered about eating out but I am quite keen to sort a date night for me and the Mrs. The only negative was my kids loved the hats and the bloke let them take them home haha.
  8. I don't think that they will have been told we are signing big name players. I think the project is clear to see already. We have a solid back line and it has a bit of depth. The centre of the park is decent. Obviously up front we have our issues. I am hoping the ASM pulls himself together a bit as it would be depressing to see another talent go to waste. I have never 'got' Miggy and obviously Wilson will be out for a few spells. I think we should push Willock a bit further up the pitch as he seems to do better there. I don't think we 'will not sign any more players but I don't think that it would be the end of the world if we don't. Between Pope, Trips, Burn, Botman, Targett, Bruno and even Wood as a back up is impressive. 5/6 improvements to the starting 11. I think it is like people are saying about the sponsorship next year, we will also start to attract other people who will see us at the business end of the table rather than in the business end of the table.
  9. I went to a Tex-Mex place on Ocean Road last week, the beef has to be the nicest thing that I have ever eaten. It was called El Tio. I would highly recommend 👌
  10. I'm not wetting my pants on this but I wouldn't be too surprised if we didn't get anyone else in. Sometimes we will have to walk away from priority areas, like Man City did with Kane last year, to stop us being rolled over in the future. It may be frustrating but it is still light years ahead of the Ashley days. People spent all last year laughing at the fact Man City got Grealish and not Kane but I think it was the right process. They got Harland this year for a price that they wanted to pay rather than Kane for a price that Tottenham thought that they would pay.
  11. I thought they were cardboard cut outs.
  12. Man City had to walk away from Kane. We are nowhere near that stage, yet, but it is better to be walking away from top quality players rather than walking away from loan deals for Choudary. To think we have people upset after we have Botman, Bruno and Trippier in the space of 2 windows is crazy.
  13. Totally deserved those points. Cannot remember us playing the way we gave since Bobby was here. It is emotional to think what we have been through. I knew it was a bad idea when Bobby was sacked but I never thought we would go through what we have. At first I thought Souness was bad but Ashley was another level. Feels like we kind of deserve a bit of happiness now haha
  14. I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking that haha.
  15. I think the improvement in our defence enabling us to push up the pitch is what Philips offers Leeds. I think both have been a massive miss to them. I also want to ses Everton go down. I am just buzzing as we still have Wilson, ASM and Trippier to return for us at different points in time. Anyone know what is happening with Fernández?
  16. I don't get all this 'Everton have a strong squad' talk. Viduka, Martins, Owen, Ameobi and Caroll was our front line alone. They still have to play: Tottenham(a), Wolves (h), us(h), Watford (a) West Ham (a), Manchester United(h), Palace(h), Liverpool,(a) Chelsea(h), Leicester(a), Brentford(h), Arsenal(a). I think Watford may get something off them. They could get something off us. They should beat Brentford but Brentford may start to turn things around. Maybe even something against Palace. I think Everton are done for this year. Most of their points came at the very start of the season. I think they would have been better sticking with Rafa. I think it is toxic. When they played us, they wanted none of it. When are Philips and Bamford back? That will make a huge difference.
  17. It is hard to blame the players. I don't care what people say about their wages and dream job etc. when you are in a negative environment, it impacts on your performance. I have worked in one before and it is depressing how it sucks you in. Part of me wonders how much of Ashley's toxic atmosphere impacted on Bruce (to a further degree, I am not a fan of Bruce). To start with, I enjoyed a bit of attacking football e.g. the cup game at home we lost to Leicester on penalties. I think Willock will have come in and managed to keep his head down and keep going but one you are sucked in it is hard to lift your head.
  18. To be fair, Pfizer is pretty cold.
  19. I think Manquillo was great when he came on and I think it says a lot about Lascelles when Clark coming on feels like a relief rather than a calamity of a decision. I just hope his hamstring keeps him out for a while as I think it is the one hope we have to build a bit of stability at the back.
  20. It was nice to see the players not wet their pants when we went a goal up.
  21. Either he got his foot or he didn't. He did so it should be a pen.
  22. I don't get it. May be soft but I just don't get it.
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