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  1. This is spot on and something that I have always thought but never understood. I fail to see how the Tories are an ideal to live up to. I am in a far more comfortable situation, financially, that both of the people I have mentioned but I can not find any draw to the Tories. I have always voted Labour and I imagine that I will. My family have very little finances when I grew up, but I was loved and my parents always put me and my brothers first, I had access to good (state) education and access to university. I don't think I would have the same chances now. I am not starry eyed about Labour but I really feel that they are the closest that we will ever get to being able to level up society. I listen to the smaller parties and they are just not realistic in their expectations and aims because they do not have to be. I would love a return to the EU but this is not going to happen any time soon. I also feel that for Labour to back it would create a media backlash which has a big impact.
  2. I do feel for you guys with families who support the right wing. I know a woman who works part time in admin, probably takes home around £11,000 a year max and has said "What have Labour ever done for us up here (in the north). I was speechless which is a rarity. My wife's brother in law works on the metro and is a massive Tory. Thinks he is better than the majority of people and doesn't realise that he is one of the people that the 'real Tories' look down on. A pleb with nothing to offer society.
  3. I think he was a tool maker. I am slow on the uptake though, so I may be wrong.
  4. I said that Labour does a *better* job of funding education. This was based on my memory of them last being in power rather than a misguided understanding of them having anything to do with funding over the last 14 years. I am a primary teacher and I was when Labour were last in government. The only issue is, not only was that 14 years ago, I was at the start of my career and therefore had nothing to do with a school budget or any knowledge of my school budget was. They did a far better job of funding education as I do know that we were able to do things that I would bend over backwards to offer the kids today. I am still under the belief that you cannot serve two masters. I believe that unless there is one education system, there will not be an equal access to education for all. I am also against private health services as well. I know that people should be allowed to spend their hard earned money but this impacts on other people. My son recently was told he needed braces. My wife wanted us to pay privately to speed it up. This really sat uncomfortably with me as the conversation that we had with the dentist was basically that if we paid, he jumped the line and everyone who was already on the list just just bumped down. This is just a vanity project with teeth but this will be happening with people with cancer and other serious issues. It just doesn't sit easily with me. I am looking forwards to a change of government and I hope that we can get somewhere close to where we were 14 years ago.
  5. All governments. Not party specific. Labour definitely does a better job of funding education. I cannot, however, see a real need for any government to give it the correct level of funding until it impacts on the rich kids.
  6. I would be interested to see how different the high schools in Newcastle looked if there was no private school sector. I think they are woefully underfunded by government and they do not have the correct level of resources.
  7. So, before I look like a private school sympathiser here, my stance is that I think we should abolish private schools altogether. I think that having private schools undermines the school system and automatically enables the Conservatives to underfund state schools. I think the only way we will ever truly level-up or invest fully in education is to do this. On the other hand, there is an argument for the private schools not to be taxed. Children in a state school are allocated something like £7,500 and my understanding is that private schools do not receive the £7,500 from the government to subsidise the education. I know the argument for tax breaks for private schools is the scholarships for gifted children. I really think that taking some of the children with great potential out of state education can only damage the state system and if they have great potential then they should also be able to flourish there.
  8. I think Everton are on the same course that Sunderland were on. The longer they took to go down, the worse it was and caused the next relegation. In many respects, I think we were lucky to be relegated when we were as it did us a few favours e.g. getting rid of the likes of Owen.
  9. It is not even their parents. Grandparents at the very least.
  10. You mean, you don't actually do this?
  11. This happened to me once when I said that Howe didn't play Bruno when he first came to Newcastle because he didn't want him. I guess it is hard, at times, to judge humour when it is written down. Most of your posts do have a clear tone of humour to them and you also appear to love to sail close to the wind.
  12. How many do we actually need? Do the following: Gillespie, Dummet, Longstaff, Anderson, Miley and White all count? That seems like a lot.
  13. I'm not convinced that it will be the same result when they meet again. To me, the first few rounds, Fury was trying to weigh up Usyk. I also think it was a bit demoralising as it appeared that he coold not hurt Fury at that point. Then Fury seemed to hurt Usyk and I couldn't see a way back for him. I have not watched it back yet. Clearly a victory for Usyk on what I watched last night but I would be really pleased to see another fight between them. I would also like to see the AJ we have seen in his last two fights face both Usyk and Fury.
  14. It was still better than AJ's melt down.
  15. Apart from 2 rounds, how could you call it any other way? The two rounds Fury was on top, I genuinely saw no way back for Usyk. However, there is no way he got more than 3 of the 12 rounds.
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