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  1. Sou: Dyer's injury woes are over

    Utterly stupid statement.
  2. Most people think it's a corny, right wing, dumb action flick, but it's a rather clever political film.
  3. User names, past & present

    Hello everyone again! Sparkynufc orginally only for a little while since then Sparks.
  4. Smoggeordie on TV!!!!!!

    I was just going to say it's amazing how sky always seem to interview the biggest tools in the whole city every time they come. "Owen and Shearer 25 goals each" "We are going to win the league" Etc...
  5. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are not what they used to be, most lenses are so light these days they don't darken your vision at all. I picked my last pair up at next for £10, great value for money!
  6. Hi All

    This is a bit of a suprise, I haven't been around for a while and I find a new board.

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