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  1. Is that the biscuit dude? How do you get to be a multi-millionaire selling biscuits, did he invent Hob-Nobs? Well they are cheap to make and these days you can charge a small fortune for them. Fron Biscuits $4.03 for some chocolate digestives. I see what you mean. Get Peter Crouch to West Ham! He is the most Pinky like in the premiership!
  2. Even if he suddenly decides to have a sense transplant (not that he is gonna), its too late ffs,
  3. Got to be confident at home! wor home form has picked up, and we have beaten Reading at home already, Diffferent kettle of fish in cup football and with injurys and all but we have to go in as favorites!
  4. Should we not slip up at home to Birmingham! Reading beat Burnley 3-2!
  5. looks like Carlton Parmers long lost son!
  6. We've already got Emre, we don't nee another heffa on our books.
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