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  1. Dotbum,yea he was the one who puty that cross in,and he changed the game,liverpool were 1-0,he cam on scored 2 and set one up and they won 3-1,he is a brilliant ALL ROUND PLAYER yogic,no matter what you say!
  2. My boy is 1 next week and i wanna get him some newcastle clothes,i went onto the official club website and there is about 10 items under toddlers etc that are crap... Anyone know where i can get a better variety? not the replica newcastle tops or ought but just normal casual clothes.. Cheers
  3. That says everything about your football knowledge!
  4. Yogic you obviously NEVER watch the guy,When he plays up front he sometimes drifts to the wings and delivers balls in and sometimes he stays central,my brother supports liverpool so i watch liverpool all the time,and he is a better all round player than anelka!! everyone thinks that just cos' he isnt playing at the minute he isnt any good,this is rafa benitez' loss,cisse is a great player and he has proved that more than once,rafa benitez just prefers to play the players he's bought(crouch ),fuck knows why!!
  5. cisse is a better all round player than anelka,cisse gets on the wings sometimes and puts crosses in,typical example when he played in the super cup final the other month,he came on in the 80th minute and he scored x2 and set one up from the wing,so anyone who says he isnt a team player is wrong,i always see him all over the field!
  6. but until this happens we aint gonna have a good run of games! and get in the top 6
  7. our midfield list is looking very attractive and the strikers list... I think we need to find a replacement/back-up for carr,bramble,boum,tayls and baba and then we need to make them gel and if they gel,that will be the team i feel will take us to the champions league,but until then we are gonna go near the top 6,because you can have a good attack and be 2-0 up but then it takes a second to concede a goal and if you have a nervy back-line like us then you concede too many to win a game!!! why has our back-line ALWAYS been so nervy! even in the past few years its been poor!
  8. i saw him!!! that fat bastard who shook his head when west brom scored,you are right that was priceless!!! i might be able to get it,hold on!
  9. toon 3 - 0 blackburn iv'e put these video clips together of todays goals from ewood park,if anyone missed them!
  10. to say there is no contest is stupid! when luque is fit we will see,otherwise you dont know!
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