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  1. Cassano?

    Cassano is a good player. But he will NOT move out of Italy - simply because its a WC year.
  2. Champions League Draw

    Real Madrid v ARSENAL Will be a great gane. Galacticos play the arrogent French side. They want the manager and they want to beat the team - What I really want to know is, who will be manager of Madrid at that point!? Madrid to go through - for sure. Werder Bremen v Juventus Dont need to say anything here, Juve through already. Bayern Munich v AC Milan Will be a spectacular game, I can see Bayern CRUSHIN Ac Milan. PSV Eindhoven v Lyon Will be a cracker for sure, Lyon are STRONG but PSV are fast - fancy Lyon though. Ajax v Inter Milan Hmm .. Benfica v LIVERPOOL Oh Phulleezz!! Could they get it any easier! RANGERS v Villarreal The most boring game of the draw, I wont watch it - no, not even the highlights! Chelsea v Barca Bring it on, Essien and Xavi both out. This time we play home first. Must say, I am a bit worried, but I have faith and know we can do it. FORZA CHELSEA!
  3. This Essien 'horror tackle'...

    Essien - looking away and leaving high stud marks Hamman - Looking straight at the player, at his knee and trying to break it!! PS - I am happy Essien is banned and I feel he should be fined as well. This is the 2nd such tackle by him in his short stay here but his history proves that he is not a violent player.
  4. This Essien 'horror tackle'...

    IF you look at the two, Hammans is more dangerous perhaps due to the angle of the Norwich players leg as it could have snapped in 2 in an instant Essiens was horrible too - but I guess its Karma
  5. This Essien 'horror tackle'...

    It was a bad tackle and he deserves the ban and perhaps a fine BUT No one can forget Hammans tackle on the Norwich player last season - it was exactlly the same AND no one will forget Gerrard and Keano's 100 over the top tackles Although that doesnt justify anything, I just wanted to make the point that last season HAmman gave a Norwich player the EXACT SAME treatement.
  6. Huth in / Carr out?

    Jose has told Klinsman that there is NO WAY he will loan or sell Huth this season.
  7. Joaquin

    Joaquin Sanches is 24 and is touted to be one of Spains most promising players. I actually have mixed feelings about this fellow. When we were linked with him, I was in the pot of supporters that didnt want him. He is a good player, no doubt, but for some reason i dont see end product in him --- C. Ronaldo's recent form is a perfect example. His idol is Figo and he always said that his dream is to play for Madrid - I think he might still go there if their new coach decides to use wide men. But Madrids problems are deeper and Im not sure they would want him right now. He is talented and skillful BUT there are a lot of question marks on his team play, team effort, commitment etc etc and a big one on why he isnt in the Spain squad. Whatever it is, he wont be a bad buy for sure. IF he settles in well, if he doesnt get any hamstring injures (no pun intended) then he really could take the PL by storm and surprise a few people. Liverpool are in for him too and considering the spot Betis are in right now (2nd from bottom I think) they will want a HUGE amount for their star player as they need to re buld the squad. SO - to get him you need to spend BIG and beat Liverpool to the race. You also need a balance and using Luque on the left isnt a balance, perhaps Stewart Downing on the left is perfect. oh ... and a new manager might help
  8. Silvestre

    DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE!!! Boomsong and Silvestre in the middle would be the worst pairing ever! Silvestre is a better defender than Boomsong, but he is no where close to a solid no-nonsense CTB. One of the reasons Manu are selling him (if they are) is that he makes silly errors and he NEVER gives a game 100%. His lack luster performances and lazy movement cost Manu goals and honeslty I think he is one of the poorest defenders at the big clubs in the PL. PLEASE do not get him, I like Newcastle and I dont want to see 2 clows at CTB.
  9. Dyer despair deepens ..

    Dyer despair deepens By Tom Adams - Created on 9 Dec 2005 Kieron Dyer's bid to return to fitness at Newcastle has suffered yet another blow with the news that he has picked up a hamstring strain. The England international has suffered extensively with injuries this season, with hamstring problems then a mystery illness reducing his impact for The Magpies. Graeme Souness had hoped to signal Dyer's return to fitness against Arsenal in The Premiership on Saturday, live on PremPlus, but this plan has now been rendered unworkable. The midfielder has again injured his hamstring after receiving treatment for a muscle condition that has afflicted him for the past two years. Dyer's anticipated Monday return to training had already been shelved, and it is now clear that he will not face The Gunners. Souness has only been able to start with the gifted former Ipswich man on two occasions this season, and the latest blow to Dyer's recovery is just one of a catalogue of hamstring problems seen at St James' Park this season. The run of injuries for The Magpies has left Souness despairing, and perhaps the most keenly felt absence has been that of Michael Owen. The former Real Madrid man has missed a succession of games with a groin injury, and Souness says he is being depriving him of England's best striker. The Newcastle boss also reiterated his plea to judge his struggling side when they ease their injury burden. "He is the best English goal-getter around. We paid a fortune for him, but unfortunately for all of us, he's not been available to us, and we are certainly going to miss him," said Souness. "We have said all along - and I have said this to everyone who has asked me the question - the time to judge us and all the players is when they are all fully-fit and on the pitch together. "We are now in December and that's not happened." --- Thats nonsense. He hasent even showed up for the last 2 after game conferences, the mark of a coward if you ask me. If he wins the next game, he will speak to the media, if he doesnt win, he wont - thats not the way things are done. Its him who has to stand up and take account for his players, and if cant do that then he should be fired.
  10. Souness's replacement

    Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock may have decided not to join Portsmouth but he has revealed that he could still be tempted to leave Bramall Lane if the right offer came along. Warnock rejected an approach by Pompey in favour of staying with the Championship high-flyers, but is far from happy with The Blades' reluctance to guarantee him a contract extension. "I don't think I can (rule out a move to the Premiership) in the contractual situation that I am in," he told the Yorkshire Post. "At the moment I have no intentions but if Newcastle come in for me next week, or Manchester United or Chelsea, you never know. "Any other manager in my contractual situation would have gone. "Now, I can't envisage being anywhere else this season. I have spoken to (chairman) Kevin McCabe and I think we have just to get on with trying to get us up." -- Thats a smart way to say "I know Souness isnt doing the job, I want a chance" He knows Manu will never hire him (even if Fergie leaves) and that Jose is with us for another 5 years. Thoughts ...?
  11. The Final Countdown...

    Firstly, win or no win I think its time Souness leaves. Secondly, IF you win .. he will stay for a while BUT - IF you lose, who will replace him? I doubt Sheppy will let him go, simply because there is no replacement. I honestly think CR should be given a thought, he is a good manager, he was worked with Parker before - he bought Parker and was a huge favourite of his game, since Parker is the battery man for yall I think it will be a perfect match. He wont get you the title, but he will DEFINATELY get a top6 finish. Im sure of it.
  12. Emre out

    Newcastle midfielder Emre is set for a spell on the sidelines after it was confirmed he damaged his hamstring in midweek. Turkish schemer Emre pulled up sharply during the midweek defeat at Wigan and it appeared at first sight that he had picked up a major problem. Newcastle are attempting to paint a positive picture on the player's plight, but a strain has been diagnosed and he could be sidelined for a number of weeks. "Emre had a scan yesterday and it shows he's got a strain," said manager Graeme Souness. "It's high up on his hamstring, but it's not a major tear so we'll have to wait and see how he is in a few days. "But he will play no part on Saturday against Aston Villa." Emre suffered a similar problem earlier in the season and is unlikely to be rushed back, especially with the busy festive period on the horizon. -- I have no clue what the mystery is behind all these injury .... but another one bites the dust.
  13. The official "Souness out" thread

    Thats fake. Its on the Chelsea forums aswell. Its a definate fake.
  14. The official "Souness out" thread

    ... this isnt even a case where you can say 'give him a chance, players have been injured'! I think he has a few games in hand before he gets the sack - for some reason I dont think he will be sacked, something tells me he will get a full season with Newcastle. For the reason that he has brought players in and is getting his summer transfer list ready - if that means anything though! Anyway, he hasnt really shown tactical awarness that would be a sign of things to come. He cant make substitutions and turn games around and he doesnt know how to use Parker to his strenghts. Replacement? Perhaps our old boss CR? He might not win you the PL, but he will surely deliver a top 6 finish.

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