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  1. *The official Solano returns? thread

    BBC Radio Newcastle just announced Nobby on Tyneside having medical. Just the messenger here, don't shoot me if its bollox.
  2. Owen deal is looney Toon

    Sorry mate .... Nowt to de wi' me!!!!! That better? Aye ah knaa .... ahl get me coat.
  3. Owen deal is looney Toon

    "Owen deal is looney Toon" Nowt to dee wi' me!!!!!
  4. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Might not be dead yet according to Brummie media. http://icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk/mail/s...-name_page.html
  5. How much is Owen worth?

    Fair enough, I don't read that particular rag so didn't see the quote.
  6. How much is Owen worth?

    Sorry mate, with all due respect. Rooney said that? I know he's thick as pig s#!t but do you really think he is going to go public with a quote like that? Back this up with evidence and we might accept the statement. Benitez has NOT said he wasn't interested in Owen, his actual quote was "We have six strikers now," Benitez told Prem Plus. "And I am thinking about a centre-back rather than a centre-forward. At the moment we only have Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher and they can't play every game." Nowhere in that statement does he say he is not interested in Owen, all he has said is that his priority lies elsewhere. If, as expected, Baros moves on then there will be only 5 strikers (ONLY!!! ) and extra money will be available for an Owen bid. Whilst I would love to see Owen join us I really cannot see it happening although I'd be delighted to be proven wrong. He will either stay at Real or rejoin Liverpool IMHO. Also, I was under the impression that not only had we made an offer for Owen of £11m, but Real had accepted it in principle. TBH there is so much crap flying around the 'net at the moment in relation to Owen it's hard to know what to believe any more. My only hope, as has been said many times in different threads on here, is that the management are not totally blinded by the efforts to sign Owen so much that they ignore the alternative options, which are decreasing by the hour.
  7. Dyer new contract?

    Sorry if I missed it but has Dyer actually signed that new contract he was claiming at the weekend he would do early this week? Perhaps he's still negotiating his health cover clause for those inevitable spells of treatment. Cynical .... moi?
  8. new owen twist!

    That would be me!
  9. new owen twist!

    Also might act to force the hand of Fergie or Benitez in making an approach perhaps? I still doubt I'll have to carry out my promise to show my arse in Fenwicks window if he signs for us. Great new board BTW.

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