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  1. Fuck! You can fight it ya big daftie, sending best wishes buddy
  2. paddy


    thanks for the update Cath x seems silly but its been ages since i was on here, i've spent the last 3 hours just reading past threads and catching up with everything,
  3. paddy


    RIP Jon a true awld timer on here, take care fella xx
  4. Spiderman has finally lost the battle of the bulge!
  5. paddy


    right time on the central heating timer for me
  6. Cath, do we need to do anything tonight??????
  7. just started reading the RTG replies lol, "they cant even beat nine men" feck me do they not realise cuntamole was sent off after final whistle, tools
  8. i think the following smiley sums this up
  9. that's my gravestone inscription right there!! Your ok too ya mad bastard!! ;-)
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