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  1. anyone know where we can listen to it online?
  2. Have i ? clicky here 17380[/snapback] my apologies.
  3. probably, we know souness' feelings towards bolton's style.
  4. stream?
  5. come on....let's kick thier arse.
  6. he's a good player.
  7. you've edited it. the word was meant to be scunthorpe. you obviously got too much time on your hands.
  8. so does that mean it will go even faster if i buy a filter?
  9. hey that seemed to have worked! thanks mate! and i think it's slightly faster too.
  10. i am only using one, which is upstairs where the phone and computer are. i have got a phone down stairs that works fine without one of the adsl filters.
  11. cheers for that, mate.
  12. when i joined tiscalli, they sent me 2 adsl filters. will this help in any way? if not, why did they send two?
  13. do you know where i can buy them on the net? are they expensive or something?
  14. I take it you've got microfilters, is that correct? Hell of a first post, this one. 16712[/snapback] what's microfilters?