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  1. Disagree, shite going forward. You can't defend a 1-0 lead vs Stoke at home for 45 minutes. Routledge should have come off for Guti, he was shite, and Ameobi on for Nolan, can't drop the captain though. Agreed about us being shite going forward, but our defending on the two set pieces prior to Jones' goal was just a sign of things to come. You could feel a goal coming from them because we had look so shaky from set pieces. None of our players seemed to have been designated someone to mark, it was just mark the man next to you, which was why Perch ended up marking Huth.
  2. Shite defending from set pieces cost us this match. Wonder what we were doing in training over the past week.
  3. Heskey with a brilliant header, 2-1 Villa lead. One minute of injury time to go.
  4. When will Nolan be dropped for Gutierrez?
  5. Whatever man, we were fucking shite. Worst performance I've ever seen but tbh, I couldn't care less about the FA Cup and at the start of the game, remember not feeling any excitement or anticipation. That's why there's no need for this 'sack Roeder' 'sack the players' shite because this was just one shite game (albeit one fucking shite one but it still IS only ONE game). The league is much more important and I hope this game can be a blessing in disguise.
  6. Whatever, time to concentarte on the league and hopefully get some new players in.
  7. you gotta love the banter at toontastic
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