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  1. American commentator is freaking me out. Stop sounding wrong!!
  2. What was the mackem score in Germany today?
  3. Bit of a mackem invasion these past couple of days hasn't there? Aw bless em! All typing as fast as their cloven hooves can manage because they've brought in some destined-for-the-knackers-yard, past it also rans from a halfway decent team. Fact: Once players leave Man U and they're approaching or into their 30's they're finished.
  4. When it comes to PS3 Network you get what you pay for, or should i say what you don't pay for. It will be costing Sony a bomb to run the network, and yes they are a hugely rich global company and they should not of fell victim to hackers at all. If they charged for a network subscription that would of paid for higher protection to the network. Never in a millions years will you see XBOX LIVE fall victim to hackers. As for XBL, you get exactly what you pay for......a nice secure network, without worry that your details are going to get leaked. That'll teach Sony to not go for the cheap option. Nah, you 360 owners have to settle for the red ring of death knacking your console completely.
  5. I actually don't mind it. It's a grower, that's for sure. It's looking better than the last two identikit tops that we previously had. Still not a fan of the panel at the back. But it seems to be the in thing on here to go apeshit over the new top everytime a new one is released.
  6. You can add Rudi Voller in that as well. dirty spitting, diving scouse-looking twat.
  7. I went to that too. Rumours were that Shearer was gonna be a suprise unvieling (he hadn't signed by that point) I also remember some Gateshead player trying to be a hero and crock Batty. I also went to Shearer's first game. A friendly Vs. Lincoln City at Sincil Bank.
  8. I'll give it a go. Opening Credits: Star Wars Opening theme - John Williams Waking Up: Lullaby - The Cure First Day At School: Come as you are - Nirvana Falling In Love: All the Time in the World - Louis Armstrong Losing Virginity: Superman Main theme - John Williams Fight Song: 96 Quite Bitter Beings - CKY Breaking Up: Stay - Coal Prom: Purple Rain - Prince Life: Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree Mental Breakdown: Shadappa You Face - Joe Dolce Driving: Superman - Goldfinger Flashback: The Chain - Fleetwood Mac Getting Back Together: Too Long -Daft Punk Wedding: Wedding Song - Tracy Chapman Birth of Child: Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun Final Battle: The God that Failed - Metallica Death Scene: Hope there's someone - Anthony and the Johnsons Funeral Song: Voices - Akino Arai
  9. It is . He's even sweating tears . A whole living made on nostalgia . Anyone ever been to The Beatles Museum at Albert Dock ? There's a grand piano behind glass all done like a recreated studio setting - all reverential and such . There's a little sign discreetly placed that says "This piano may or may not have been used in the recording of Imagine" (if is not Imagine its Abbey Road or Sgt Pepper) Y cannit make it up . edit "Is the grand piano really John Lennon's? Unfortunately the piano in the Beatles Story is not originally John Lennon's. However, we previously had an upright piano that belonged to John Lennon, which he wrote ‘Imagine' on, but this was sold to George Michael in 2000. " http://www.beatlesstory.com/visitor-inform...-questions.html A bit like people going to visit the Cavern Club, except it's not the Cavern Club. I've been to the Beatles thing in Albert Dock. The room with the piano has the opening chords to 'Imagine' playing over and over and it's quite surreal (as was the John Lennon's mind room). I hung about because I thought a Lennon impersonator was gonna come out and do a performance. It should also be noted that the history timeline in that room only goes up to 1986 (or at least it did when I went there)
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