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  1. Football Financial Analyst says NUFC doing a Leeds

    Cort £2 million Lua Lua £2 million Speed £1 million Woodgate £14 million Jenas £8 million Hughes £1 million O'Brien £2 million Bellamy £5 million Solano £1.5 million Bernard £0.4 million Ambrose £1 million £37.9 million Bought Boumsong £8 million Emre £3 million Parker £6 million Faye £2 million Babayaro £1 million Butt £2 million Milner £3.5 million Luque £9.5 million £35 million Before we bought Owen, we'd spent nothing on transfers. We recouped every penny. We've got Butt, Viana and Robert to shift in the summer, and Bowyer, Milner and Harper could go too. Shepherd will keep his powder dry next summer, and probably collect £10 million for all those. £6 million spent in 3 seasons, hey big spender! 26677[/snapback] You forgot a couple 26713[/snapback] Ambrose and Solano came/went for roughly the same value as the were bought/sold. So I didn't include them as they were cancelled out. I didn't realise we got a fee for Bernard though. 26717[/snapback] Yeah we got money off Southampton states that in .com also. Fair point though with Ambrose and Solano.
  2. *The official Solano returns? thread

    I'm hearing it's not Milner and could be Faye or that it is a straight cash fee. Doubt Solano would travel all the way up here pending on Milner making a decision just can't see it.
  3. View from the Liverpool Echo.........

    If it was Shearer and he went to Madrid and didn't come back here when expected to? I see what you mean but I thought we were just talking about this deal and the scouser was saying we'd have turned nasty if he'd went there. 25037[/snapback] That's what we both meant by "tables turned" 25040[/snapback] I think there is a lot of gossip in the story and to keep stating about the clause in the contract is crap. Yes there will be a clause but no way are Newcastle going to agree to letting him go for £4 million plus less than what they paid. If Owen has a good world cup he will be worth £20 million plus and Fred isn't going to accept anything like what is being reported. The clause is probably stating that if NUFC did not qualify for Europe and an offer comes in to meet the fee paid then he can talk to that club and likewise I would think Newcastle woud put in a clause about if they were relegated. Shepherd says there is no clause about redced fees and issued that statement whereas the echo reporter is going off gossip. Talking to my brother just before who is very good friends (they played in same team togther) with a certain ex senior coaching member of NUFC and was speaking to this said individual today, my brother summarised the following from what he was told: - On Monday Owen was 90% certain on going to Liverpool. - He met Liverpool and talks did not go as well as planned in that all that was discussed was why he was even talking to Newcastle and that he must turn them down or the deal could not go forward. - Owen left and met us here basically NUFC laid the carpet out for Owen and made him feel totally wanted. - Owen went home very impressed with Newcastle and what was said but still favouring a move to Liverpool. - NUFC and Liverpool continued talks but all the Pool angle was that he had to turn NUFC down or he would not get any chane of a deal to Liverpool. - Owen after much soul searching made up his mind that Liverpool were not showing genuine effot and making him feel like he was really wanted whereas Newcastle were - he then made his mind up that Newcastle would be the best choice. People may put two and two together as to who the said coach was but I cannot state his name and I think people will appreciate why not. Take itor leave it but that is what my brother was told today.
  4. Last Minute Liverpool Bid?

    so why do all the reports say he has only 'agreed to sign' ? 22871[/snapback] I think you might be taking the meaning of that too literally. I'd be very surprised if we've made this announcement with nothing in writing. I might be wrong like. 22879[/snapback] Be typical NUFC though wouldn't it! 22881[/snapback] Real Madrid President is quoted as saying he is already our player. I think it's all sorted just subject to medical.

    yeah there waiting for the NUFC website also

    Ye[ the statement will be that he is not coming

    Maybe they do a cracking full English. 22167[/snapback] I they reckon Shearer's misses is famed in the North East for it. Seriously though the two questions to be asked are - why is he talking to us if he has agreed with Liverpool and why did he bother coming in the first place and also why is he staying at Shearer's over night (if this is true) as surely he would go to his family ready to sign for Liverpool if he was.

    I agree and if he is staying here then surely we must have a chance. I am about 70% confident

    Following the talks Owen was whisked away in a vehicle with darkened out windows to be entertained at Alan Shearer's residence this evening. Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd then left the hotel in a Range Rover and headed back to St. James' Park with other club executives and they remain there at the time of this update. Just reading this and if it is correct (which is the big question - though Sky did quote that Woen left followed by Shearer) then surely it has to look good that he is going to sign. The talks ended at 5 and if he was going to Liverpool then I would be very surprised if he didn't fly straight back after the talks ready for signing the dotted line for Liverpool and spending a bit time with his family before joining up with the England squad.

    That's true but do you not think it seems a bit strange and surely no player is going to talk for 7 hours to a club without being interested. If he doesn't want to come he says no but I just don't feel Liverpool have got the money for him and are not prepared to pay what we have offered. Rafa has already stated he wants to bolster other areas. You never know and seems funny he followed Shearer as if possibly he might be staying there overnight

    I'm not saying he will sign for Newcastle but Real madrid have stated that a loan deal is not an option and that is why Newcastle put the bid in. If he is not interested at all in coming then I would be amazed if he is going to come all the way down here and spend over two hours talking to NUFC officials. I also find it strange that no cameras have got pictures of Owen talking to Liverpool this morning and how can a player talk to a club if a bid has not been accepted by his current club.

    I think it's a bit strange that Souness has not said anything - did he talk on SJY afyter the match. Just got in and was wondering what he said but can't find anything. If he has said something just ignore this thread but if not it does seem a bit strange to me.
  13. One Of Two Things

    Our beloved Chairman stated that Owen had until the end of play on Thursday to make a decision. It is now nearly two days and we are supposed to still be talking to his advisors although the deadline has well passed. So the question has to be why? Its is one of two reasons, the first is that the whole episode is just another Rooney scenario, the second is that Owen and his advisors have set in their mind a deadline for Liverpool to come in and if not he will sign for us. My thinking on the second scenario is that were still in and not pulled out and Owen or his advisors have not said a word at this present time. We would all I think love to have Owen but time is ticking and we must not allow another possible incoming transfer to be scuppered by waiting. I hope that Shepherd has giving until tomorrow at latest for Owen to make a decision and then if he does not come then we can get a player in who actually does want to. I have hope as there is no word from Owen himself but the episode of Rooney this time last year does ring alarm bells. What are other people’s thoughts?

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