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  1. In the Dressing Room before the Game..

    Freddy Shepherd - Simply the Best
  2. Happy Birthday Baggio

    Happy birthday fuckwit, what did you get? One of those DOFs you keep harping on about?

    "Hello! Mid table obscurity"??? With the exception of a couple of decent seasons under Robson we have been a mid table team for the best part of the last 10 years.. 13th, 13th, 11th, 11th, 4th, 3rd, 5th, 14th, 7th, (Currently 11th) under Shepherd. Still, it could be worse, we could be selling locally born England players etc. More nonsense being spouted by the fuckwits on here I see. 8,725 other teams below us would love to be in our position of playing in Europe regularly season after season. How many England internationals do you see the likes of Whitley Bay or Hebburn Town signing? You and your chums on here really are fucking clueless
  4. FAO Leazes Mag

    Beermonster eh I presume it escapes you that I could pick out a fair few idiots spouting shite about "plans", and ask if it was you .... Keep following me around if it amuses you, but I tell you something Baggio, thats not me .... must shock you though that not everyone in the world has the limited view that you and your chums on here have What is it with the fuckwits on here? Wait until I tell NE5 about this one.

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