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  1. RAWK and YNWA.tv are the two Liverpool forums that are full of match going fans. I'm sure we have more gloryhunting fans now, such is life. But is that the fault of regular match goers, and life long fans? Don't make up shit here cos you don't like what you read elsewhere. RAWK has many many long time match goers on the forums. And if you won the CL - you'd fecin go on about it too for a long time
  2. thanks lads again. Sadly no news on Steve. Keep this website in your thoughts, and pass the link around to everyone you know, you never know, soneone may just have been, or are going to Malia: http://www.findstevencook.co.uk/
  3. One of them's Rafa Benitez, so he'd be quite easy to find
  4. here is a website set up: http://www.findstevencook.co.uk/ please can you spread the link, even if it's just to friends via an email, and then they pass it on, you never know, it may alert someone! Thanks again!
  5. as often happens in these things, theres a lot of confusion regards stories. I've heard later that at the end of the evening he actually left the people he was with to go and get some food. That was the last time he was seen. I pressume that people who where out that night have been tracked down. Just dunno what's happened to him No sign of him anywhere. All his stuff remained untouched in his hotel room, no money taken from his bank account. Just no sign.
  6. thanks lads. Still no word on him. He didn't make the return flight home. His 2 brothers are out there. There was a search with about 100 volunteers and police today, but no sign of him. I hope thats a good sign. They are out in the town tonight talking to people to see if they can jog their memories. And I think the police are going to try and do some sort of reconstruction tomorrow, at the locations, showing similar clothes to what he had on that night. Anyway, fingers crossed still, but it's been a week now. Terrible time for his family.
  7. Steven Cook went on holiday there last Wednesday, and hasn't been seen since the first night of the holiday. I know Steve through the Liverpool website we are both regulars on, and often see him at the matches. IF you have just come back from Crete please think back as to whether you saw Steve, and if you are about to go. Please keep an eye out. Rather than waffle on, here is an article from that site: A regular poster on ynwa.tv – Steve Cook (stevieboy2k) - has been reported missing by friends and family whilst on holiday in Malia, Crete. He has not been seen or heard of since the
  8. My Magic 8 Ball says he'll get 23 goals
  9. Rafa's in a bit of a no-win situation though regards this to be honest with yer. IF he doesn't sign Owen,and we struggle to score goals, yes there will be the usuall bullshit by the Liverpool Internet Brigade of 'fans' going on with themselves blaming him for not bringing Owen home. BUT if he does sign him, but has to sell Cisse to get the dosh, these very same fans will be whinging cos he's been so ruthless and sold their favourite Cisse. So he can't win either way But as Rafa Benitez himself said 'I'm not here to be popular, I'm here to win trophies' and he's not had a bad
  10. yeah, be nice to have the dosh to make some serious moves, but there is the nice warm glow of the European Cup that dulls my annoyance
  11. yup, thats £18 mill in fees right there Plus all where on 5 year deals, and silly wages. And no hope of even recouping half of that. Plus players Patric Luzi - a reserve goalie (and a shit one), on a stupid amount of money and a long deal. Plus the fee for Cisse was over the top as well. And long contracts given for crocks like Kirkland even AFTER he'd been out injured. Theres just loads of crap thats gone on. And a £10 mill payout for Houllier and his staff. Madness.
  12. there some resentement - but it's really a minority! It's wierd, I'd have thought it would have been worse, but it's just not an issue to most of us! I think after we won the European Cup, it kinda ended any hurt or resentment, cos he just ended up looking a bit silly for leaving.
  13. That's something that mystefies many, and angers a lot of fans, cos after all that happened last year, and winning the European Cup, we'd like to think the board could have got a few more millions for the manager to spend. Rather than make him have to scrounge and sell to get more players in. Our net spending this summer so far has been just £4.5 mill There is a thought though that Liverpool are a bit strapped for cash, cos of such stupid deals that where done in Houllier's last 2 years here - stupid fees, and wages and long contracts to inferior players. Also the club had to pay off hi
  14. thats a tricky one! VERY much split opinions. Cisse is very popular with many after all he's been through, and there is uproar at the thought he would be sold so soon to fund a deal. There really is some serious arguing going on, and some anger as well, cos Cisse is popular with many Liverpool fans. BUT if it had happened (I feel its well to late to happen now), people would have got over it I'm sure, cos after all Owen is 10 times the player Cisse is.
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