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  1. Sign him now!! He's young, He's English and we need a left back, 6million is worth it
  2. baines isn't tall enough apparently Who the fuck made that stupid comment?
  3. We desperatly need a left back though, sunderland are talking to Baines and Shorey is set to reject us.
  4. We have a new owner with apparently 50million to spend and all we are linked with is frank qeudrue, is that really the best we can do. Baines has been put up for sale and we are doing nothing.
  5. you didnt watch the whole thing did ya. Now i have watched it in full
  6. Anybody is better than Carr n Baba, i know Solano can play at right back but Sam might not think so
  7. The lads a right back so it wouldn't have any relevance to signing Baines. sign both of them
  8. Appently we are going head to head with Arsenal to sign a full back from Auxerre would, i rather we went for Baines
  9. stick with n'zogbia, you got emre aswell who can branch a bit more to the wing and also luque Is luque not on his way to PSV
  10. Shay will be lovin this, some good centre backs in front of him for once
  11. Do you reckon we should stick with N'zogbia or buy one because Duff will be out for a while?
  12. Lets hope the Rozenhal deal goes through soon aswell
  13. Gudjohnsen? As in Eidur? If we could get him I'd like my jizz off anyone's tits. Or anyone's jizz off my tits. I presume you're saying West Ham are interested? Probably as a swap for Tevez, I'm not sure they'd go for swapping Martins or Luque for him. West Ham to bid £8million for him but why would he go there when they struggle so much? I would play him behind the two front men
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