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  1. What type of new owner would you prefer ?

    Someone who has the money to buy the club outright and invest in the squad. Not asking for £30-£40M players or trophy signings just players to take the club forward. If Ashley had signed Gomis and Ince or Sinclair most people would have been happy with our summer business but for the sake of £15m, which is small change compared to increased revenue this season, he's pissed off the fans and no doubt the players and manager too. So a new owner who invests sensibly or sells a player for big money then reinvests in the squad rather than trying to do it on the cheap. As another poster said the Spurs model is working although not many players sell for £80M and I don't think they would have signed the players they did without that. Ashley has the money and business savvy it's just a pity he doesn't have the desire to compete
  2. Summer Transfers 2013

    So Gomis and Bent or not as good as Shola? If he does think that then he really shouldn't be a football manager. Even shopping in the bargain basement I would have Odemwengie or Long. Top and bottom is they are clueless and don't give a shit and by Pardew coming out with that looses what little credibility he had
  3. Summer Transfers 2013

    We can put out a competitive starting eleven but that's about it. A few injuries and we end up with Shola up front and Williamson at the back not to mention no one pushing for places so complacency will set in. A few new faces would give people a kick. Lukaku available on loan and we are not mentioned, that's Kinnears complete incompetency. He should have been all over something like that even if it meant shipping Shola out. We will be out of the league and FA cups early doors then will be looking over our shoulder at the drop zone if we are not extremely lucky on the injury/suspension front. I will bet Pardew blames not shifting Gosling/Obertan as a reason for not buying. There is absolutely no way he will speak his mind as he's a spineless puppet. Our season rests on Remy and Ben Arfa doing the business consistently otherwise we will draw a lot of blanks and if they have a great season neither will be here next one.
  4. Decka on the disappointing Summer

    Look at our first choice 11 as is and It's pretty decent, especially our midfield three in Cabaye,Mo and Tiote. If Collo does go then we need a first teamer for him. I would look at a striker to give Cisse some competition or a different option. However much they fucked up in the summer there is no denying they have made up in this last window
  5. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United

    They have no money for transfers and Lambert just reeled off some names they signed in the summer, can't say I knew any. There best players are injured, not being picked or sulky. Hope we hump them and Shola,Willimson,Obertan and the rest of the underachievers left behind
  6. January 2013 transfers

    I think the Brighton game was the turning point. Sammy, Ranger,Abeid miles away from prem class. Obertan maybe a third rate sub, Williamson is a league one player. Squad looking a lot better, I don't care where they are from as long as they deliver.
  7. Moussa Sissoko signs for Spurs for like £30m or WatEVA

    With him and Tiote in front of the new look back four leaving Benny,Cabaye,Gouffran and Cisse to do the damage. You never know we may even score off a corner now with him and M'biwa
  8. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    Mike Williamson is one reason that a single goal is not enough. He is terrible, constantly in the wrong place and got his arse handed to him at Brighton. I don't even think he's championship standard. At least Taylor can defend and should have started yesterday. We need Colo to stay and hope we get this new guy before someone else steps in. Pardew made so many fuck ups yesterday. Starting Ameobi and Williamson, subbing Marveux,Trying to sit on a one goal lead,blaming the fans for the negative way we approached the second half. He needs to decide what formation he wants to play and pick the players that fit into it rather than shoehorning players into unfamiliar positions. I absolutely guarantee if Williamson starts against Villa we will loose and if we don't have replacements by then Pardew should walk away as a matter of Principe
  9. Pardew's excuses

    Sacking Pardew is crazy talk. Injuries and suspensions to key players are not excuses, they are facts. Cisse having a barron spell isn't Pardews fault. Playing extra games in the Europa league doesn't help either. Pardew does need to take some responsibility for not replacing Simpson and Williamson, both nowhere near good enough. But sacking him? Really? Not for me
  10. Newcastle v Swansea (H) 17/11/2012

    Danny Simpson is shite, crossing is not a difficult skill yet he's fucking useless at it. He's constantly out of position too. Williamson is out of his depth in the prem. Need defenders in Jan as a priority. BA was shit yesterday but everyone is entitled to an off day.
  11. Newcastle sign four year shirt deal with ''Wonga''

    They are a "pay day lender" and should only be used as such, so paying an extra £25 for borrowing a ton for week isn't going to bankrupt you. If someone is stupid enough to borrow a couple of grand to buy their kids a PlayStation3 and a big tv for christmas or a family holiday when they blatantly can't afford it then they deserve what they get The club has got what was the best deal, wonga gets the publicity it wants and SJP is officially back. Don't see the problem
  12. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Some really good stuff being said about him, Seems we have got a very good player without breaking the bank. I hope this doesnt mean Tiote will be sold tho` as a CM wouldnt have appeared to be a priority.
  13. Smith has left the building!

    100% or 110% of pure shit, hope he goes to West Ham

    We owe him rather than the banks but still a plus I reckon

    True but then they wouldn't have Toure,Silva,Aguaro,Tevez etc. Their owner can write it all off and con the new fair play rules so it will carry on

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