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  1. Albert Luque

    Invicta wanting another 100 page thread
  2. Beans on toast.

    Well I can see why the French are so jealous of the English cooking
  3. Newcastle-Offline?

    Does anybody know how to log on there? it's not accepting my user name or password!.
  4. Official Match thread Vs Mackems (H)

    Have to say Shola did have a good game, it's a pity he's not more consistent but then again he didn't really play against class players today did he? Ramage was good not outstanding but considering he's not a left back he did very well and of course Emre was pure class once that guy gets match fit he's going to terrorize the opposition, Scott Parker didnt have a top day but he did have a dead leg apparently so I suppose he did quite well considering, It certianly be great when Nobby gets match fit again but still we have a way to go before we start threatning the likes of Chelsea.
  5. Owen in the Squad

    so long as he doesn't put Ameobi on, then things can only get better.Has to put Chopra on before that dipstick surely!
  6. Every sodding game with Souness....

    In the past I was saying we should give Souness his time to make things happen well that time has come and the wanker has to go he couldn't manage a team of tiny tots never alone NUFC. I have one word for Fat Fred that is Hitzfield!
  7. Jeeeeenas

    your right he is full of shit!
  8. Ameobi

    There is rumour going around Ameobi is going to be loaned off to Southhampton to get some playing time and will be assesed on his performances there, personally they could give him away he's nothing but a useless turd anyway.

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