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  1. So you don't have to watch your team you mean ? For all our problems, I'm glad I don't support your lot. So what was the attendance ?
  2. Wouldn't be surprised to see Bolton players swaggering around the pitch with a fag and a pint.....don't trust the blighters.
  3. And just WHAT are the Nigerians going to offer nufc ? We aren't talking arab level of money here you know. We aren't even talking Ashley level FFS....
  4. Fully agree. If only Shola knew how desperate we are to sing his praises. It isnt fun calling a local lad shit when we know damn well he can do better. And this is the level we should expect from him. He CAN do it.
  5. Seen what ? Where ? Who ?
  6. Just thought that the makems performance today is everything Keiron Dyer isn't, and vice-versa. The makems are not exactly highly paid, Dyer is massively OVERpaid. The makems today put everything into their game today - Dyer couldn't give a shit. The makems sweated blood for their cause. Dyer hasnt raised a sweat since his last wrist job. I could go on, but I am getting annoyed - and why, when we've just got the better of a team of makems and cheered me up for a pleasant change !
  7. I see the makems are saying the best team lost, which wasn't so, but fairs fair, loads of effort from them. Boum was dreadful as he has been just about all season. Emre is indeed pure class, Nobby hopefully will get himself up to speed and if we can just get rid of the expensive malingerer (Dyer) we may be heading in the right direction - but beating the makems is one thing, beating GOOD teams quite another !
  8. Have our defence come out of the dressing room yet ?
  9. Well Ranieri was on Goals on Sunday this morning saying he wants a move back into English football, and is just waiting for the right offer. A bad result next week, and he might not have too much longer to wait...and then it's not as dreamy a prospect of seeing them here. 46532[/snapback] The thought of that gibbon in charge of Newcastle is hardly an inspiring step in the right direction though is it? One for the "anything's better than Souness" crew IMO. 46556[/snapback] I agree. Nice bloke, but NOT what we need. We need someone to sort out the sick-note waving malingerers We need someone to sort out the mess
  10. I dunno how long Shepherd will sit on his hands and let this clown and his even bigger clowns of coaches bugger up our club after spending vast amounts that some in the top 6 haven't spent. Will he decide to get shot of them when we are in the relegation quagmire with half a dozen games to go ? Is Shepherd giving Souness and co added time because Souness was HIS mistake ?
  11. Maybe I'm not understanding the English there fully, but erm, what? We've always had injuries, it's not a Souness "thing". 45398[/snapback] My take on it is certain players are swinging the lead with injuries that arsehole Dyer only being the most obvious. Sickenenly - I think Solano is too.
  12. ...if not for crap refs and linesmen... EVERY SODDING GAME same excuses. Why not try admitting he and his coaches arent even Northern League stadard - a bit of honesty would be nice. How much longer have we got to suffer A/ Souness and his clown coaches B/ The "mystery injury" brigade which Solano couldn't wait to join, despite being fit as a fiddle at Villa. Shepherd must act NOW He's to blame for Souness.
  13. I think most of us go through this to varying degrees. I was devastated by a lass I'd went out with for 4 years ! I comes and goes in waves. Gets less and less over months. But to be honest, with me I was still getting the old heart being squeezed bit if anyone even MENTIONED her never mind seeing her - about 5-6 years later ! I see her on a rare occasion even now - and the effect isnt hurtful now. But she still has an effect on me even so. She's married with grown up kids but she still has the ability in dress and makeup to just drip femaleness. Lost on most girls now. Its either overkill or too butch. So, sorry mate - its going to take a while to get over her.
  14. Considering they have ripped off tab-browsing from Mozilla I wouldn't put too much faith in that. 44169[/snapback] I stand to be corrected, but I'm pretty sure Opera first introduced that feature! 44227[/snapback] Which is what I said - Opera introduced tabbed browsing when Mozilla was still the development arm of Netscape browser !
  15. Considering they have ripped off tab-browsing from Mozilla I wouldn't put too much faith in that. 44169[/snapback] ....and Mozilla ripped it off from Opera.
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