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  1. At the club at present you might be right. Although the likes of Dyer and Robert are still here. Good players but we should be bigger than them. We should be in the market for better. As for replacements? Well the transfer window fucked that one up I'm afraid. They are here now though. the next manager doesnt have to go through this shite. Better that a bloke like Souness- who is easy to dislike - did it all. No worries at all about appeasing world class players who are one offs. Cantona, Gazza in his prime, Ronaldihno etc. But this lot arent good enough for the likes of you, me, LM to
  2. Spot on. I could have written that myself 48391[/snapback] Why didn't you then? 48392[/snapback] who says i didnt?
  3. Don't take this the wrong way but you strike me as an opinionated cunt who talks utter bollocks. 48373[/snapback] You trying to chat him up?
  4. Fair enough but Anderson was a bloody good right back. very athletic. good debate though. Sounds very familiar if you substitute (their) drinking for (ours) acting like prima donnas. We needed a change. The players we sold/got shot of were actually my fvourite players at various times. Robert wasnt the same after 2003 but Bellamy was getting better on the pitch. I just got sick to death of those 2 and Dyer and Bramble pissing about off the pitch and acting like they were bigger than it in the media. I'm not of the opinion that we need to be grateful for players. As a club we are
  5. Souness bought replacements when he could. Remember that there is a transfer window. Ferguson isolated the players. They DIDNT play regularly. They were VERY good players. Better than we have sold for certain. Ferguson was pilloried for selling them. the replacements were judged to be inadequate. The point of the question regarding value is that Ferguson isolated players. Values plummeted as a direct result. Is that good management? Its not. In Souness' or Fergusons time. However, Bellamy used the transfer window to try his luck at coming back. He isnt welcome. The away support at Bl
  6. You have repeated yourself. Stam didnt do what Fergie wanted. He went. Youre positions are all over the place: Midfield: Moses out - Replacement? Ince wasnt out of nappies and struggled initially. He took a long while to settle. Neil Webb. Injured and pissed funnily enough. Strachan. Played spordically. Centre half: McGrath. Replacement was Bruce who played with various. Pallister was called Bambi at the time. It wasnt a compliment. Anderson was a right back NOT a centre half McClair played up front for Man Utd at the time Not midfield. First 30 goal player if you recall.
  7. The last sentence sums it up though. Cross Fergie and youre out. Nb: they didnt replace Remi Moses either and he went too. Basically the drinkers went. Our club had very similar problems. We got shot of two staight away. Man Utd got shot of more than two - look a tteam sheets not sale dates. BUT the squad then was very very different in size to those nowadays. Big changes occurred. I dont doubt for a moment that the likes of Dyer will go in time. Is his contract is there at to ensure he doesnt go next summer for free? The basic analogy? Stam towed the line and he was i
  8. McGrath wasnt replaced well enough at first Whiteside wasnt replaced well enough at first Strachan wasnt replaced well enough at fisrt Stam hasnt been replaced. They ended up paying THIRTY million quid to inadequately replace him. That is shit management too I suppose. If that is all that it about. It isnt though. Robson was alone. His crew had gone. The culture of the club changed. They won things. Big things. there is no doubt at all that the culture of NUFC from 2003 onwards was bad. WE were rotten. We needed to change. Sadly we needed a manager who is clearl
  9. Fair point about Owen being Shearers replacement. In some ways he is. In the Martin jol - big one /small one way he is Bellamys. But we both know what we mean. Bellamy was one of my favourite players. My club, your club ,however, is more important than any player and any manager. Well, I like players with pace. (something we have lots of in the current squad and none of tomorrow) Robert, Dyer and Bellamy had/have it and were fantastic ot watch. Loved them. It was the Norwich match that did it with Bellamy. As an aside, i would have got rid of Dyer and Robert as well. You, me, LM h
  10. I found him very likeable. The problem for me was that I always liked him and bought into the (what I now regard to be) bullshit that Robson was saying about him being the perfect young gent. I couldn't understand why so many had a problem with him and I see most of my football on television so I wasn't seeing the same things. So this season I watched him very closely before he went and I couldn't believe what he was doing. It wasn't just bad games, it was a lack of commitment, and shockingly bad, completely ineffectual performances. I think it's unfortunate that in football emotions r
  11. Because he has standards and is a man of principle. That is what we know. I read it in the quality press and decent web sites like the BBC. Where is the 'pissed' version from?
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