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  1. Caption competition

    "Following in Pele's foot steps Louis Saha has decided to advertise about penis trouble, this time however it is premature ejaculation and hes not afraid to admit that he is indeed a victim."
  2. Still looking up!

    i still dont feel safe when the opposition team have the ball though, wherever they are with it i just feel jumpy about everything. and today rightly! i looked at the score on BBCi and saw goal newcastle. refreshed it and it was already goal middlesborough! i am also rather frustrated. good to see viduka today though, scoring wonderfully
  3. Bolton Wanderers vs NUFC

    i cant see BS letting his old counterpart get one over him, not even away from home, im going for a 2 goal deficit away win!
  4. José Enrique

    i should read titles and pay more attention
  5. José Enrique

    i hope hes not going to be trying to nutmeg players all the time rather than concentrate on defending
  6. José Enrique

    anybody got any youtube or dailymotion video of him? ive never seen him play and want to see what hes like! its damn hard finding a compilation for a defender though

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