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  1. Fat Fred would be gone. Did he not say that that would be the case if he fucked up on the next managerial appointment (our current perennial duffer it seems, Roeder). No, he said he'd go once we won a trophy so we're stuck with him.
  2. Don't tempt him. Unless you want to... I'm partial to a bit of rotund ginge And I thought my cheesy wotsit revelation was pushing back the boundaries of taste... To be honest I was only joking but it's still the best offer Gemmill has ever had
  3. Didn't Vic used to post on Toon-Chat? And didn't he used to be a nice soul who'd post well thought out messages about football?
  4. It's me too Marky boy. I'll PM you
  5. Don't tempt him. Unless you want to... I'm partial to a bit of rotund ginge
  6. Without wanting to talk about the 'injury crisis' I am satisfied with what he has done so far but only because if he was to get the sack Fat Fred would bring in someone ten times worse.
  7. That's the poster I bought from the NUFC shop. Now, do you really think Freddy "Saviour of the Geordie Nation" Shepherd would not know how to spell 'Howay'? You are wrong Suck me clems.
  8. I blame Shepherd for the lack of activity but I also blame Shepherd for the "Better than ManUre's youngsters" comment. The man's an utter cunt. End of. He may not have been directly to blame for this defeat but he's to blame for the current situation the club finds itself in now - A side made up of people who are the same age as me! He's a cunt. A complete and utter cunt. And if I have a hangover tomorrow he'll be to blame because the performance tnoght made me inch a couple of years closer to Liver failure, oh yes.
  9. I've a soft spot for the retro Adidas national tracksuit tops but that is hideous.
  10. It's becoming the Toontastic backup forum
  11. Never you mind Just so you know claiming to have created stuff that's actually been created by one of the bods of b3ta is a stoneable offence.
  12. This'll spell the end for Miss Goody hopefully. She's not the most tactful person and you know the minute she comes out and gets asked about the racism situation she'll say something completely ridiculous (and hopefully massively offensive), they'll put a fatwa out on her and she'll have to hide for the rest of her life.
  13. No, he should say fuck all. When asked how the kids are doing big them up by all means but don't come out with a fucking moronic statement comparing them to some of the best of kids produced by the worlds biggest club.
  14. Isn't Alan Green a Liverpool supporter too?
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