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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    You knew what you were voting for. If you couldn't see the fuck on voting for turmoil would cause. Fuck off.
  2. Politics

    Sadly. Never gets old.
  3. Europe --- In or Out

    Fuck off.
  4. Roeder relishing Cats pressure

  5. Newcastle Utd v Blackburn Rovers

    Clearly not considering there was 27 million pounds worth of strikers up front.
  6. You're all blinkered

    We should make a policy of it, first Glenn and now Sam. In fact, every season just appoint the current best English manager and one day we might even get a roll over.
  7. Gaffer Woe At Carr KO

    I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once about our injury list. I haven't moaned once.... Ad infinitum.
  8. Gooch

    the only banning needing doing round here is for internet fucking stalking Vic, you average 30 posts a day. The chances of me replying to one, given that I'm fairly active on this board, are pretty high. No one is stalking you. No one wants to know anything more about you than we already do; frankly, if I was to stalk anyone, they'd be a lot more interesting than you. Or have nice tits. Are you saying Vics not got nice tits like?
  9. These should be smilies on here

    I'll take that challenge
  10. Signings

    Have Faith. It will all come good. I promise!
  11. Sunday Gossip Column.

    How's that like? If they sell him for £4m, Arsenal get £1m, they'll get £3m. If they sell him for £6m, Arsenal get £1.5m, they'll get £4.5m.

    And a small minority of Gillingham and Watford supporters liked him as well, in the same manner as yourself I presume. Nice guy doing his best. Some knackers still respect Souness and felt that he may yet have come good had fates not conspired against him. The still both failed and the idea that people should forget about their records is just bollocks. Roeder and his sponsor have a long long way to go before persuading many of us that they deserve much faith, and sadly games like last wednesday don't do a lot to help matters.
  13. So we sack Roeder then...

    A dreadful manager doing a good job. A dreadful manager doing a good job as a manager? You what?
  14. Roeder Hopeful On Transfer Target

    Sauce? Poor lovejoy missed a trick dont think i did, i gave the source in the other post! Roeder says humiliation will not alter plans By Simon Rushworth Published: 19 January 2007 As Newcastle United supporters continue to debate the significance of Wednesday night's 5-1 defeat at the hands of Birmingham City, the search is on for the unfortunate centenarian who can clearly recall each of the Magpies' most humiliating FA Cup capitulations at St James' Park. Only then can the true scale of a shocking result be measured. In 1914, a 5-0 third-round home defeat at the hands of Sheffield United caused upset and consternation in equal measure. Ten thousand fewer fans attended Newcastle's next home game and four weeks passed before the club celebrated a victory. Fast forward 93 years and it would appear the Magpies stand on the cusp of a fresh crisis. Wednesday's 26,099 gate will be boosted by 25,000 when West Ham United visit St James' Park tomorrow but season ticket sales hide the mood of dissatisfaction. The Newcastle manager, Glenn Roeder, cannot allow history to repeat itself after overseeing the club's most crushing Cup defeat of the modern era. After encouraging Premiership results against Manchester United and Tottenham Hostpur earlier this month, the optimists would suggest defeat against Birmingham was a blip. The realists insist injury-ravaged Newcastle, reliant on inexperienced youth, were fortunate to escape embarrassing drubbings in each of those League fixtures and that the City debacle was a disaster waiting to happen. "Wednesday wasn't a game too far for the young players but it was a hell of a learning curve," said Roeder, who stands accused of indecision in the transfer market. "But it doesn't change our transfer plans. To let one lack of a performance change what my plans are over the next two weeks would be stupid. "What it does, it reinforces the importance of being able to fulfil what my plans are over the next two weeks and we have four or five senior players back over that period. By the time the window shuts I am expecting to have four or five available and that will make a big difference." Roeder is mooted to have a £10m transfer budget at his disposal with defenders his obvious priority. Manchester United's Gabriel Heinze and Birmingham's Matthew Upson are the higher profile targets being discussed at the top level but Newcastle are hardly an attractive prospect for potential employees. The Uefa Cup represents the club's only hope of success in 2007 - without it the Magpies' season would, effectively, be over. After Wednesday night many Newcastle supporters believe it already is. http://sport.independent.co.uk/football/pr...icle2165408.ece - 'bout sums things up.
  15. So we sack Roeder then...

    15th with no hope of Europe and a big hole to the tune of 50m in the transfer kitty. Since then a respectable 7th place finish, successful European qualification via the back door, successful (unbeaten) qualification from the UEFA Cup group of death stage, currently a few wins off the top 6 and all with a patched up squad of youngsters, a foreign midget striker new to the league, 33 year-old Sibbers, a few stalwarts, a full-team out injured, demanding fans, no Owen, no Shearer and no first choice assistant. All in all I'd say he's done a damn fine job in the circumstances. 28 wins from 55 games gives him the highest win ratio of any Toon manager. It may not seem like we've been winning matches, but we have. Pointless including cup games, especially intertoto and UEFA ones. If you look at his record in the league since he's actually been manager it's W8, D5, L10. Is that impressive considering he's spent more than most his rivals? And again what is the point of the comparison with Souness. I may be much better looking than Dean Gaffney, but it doesn't make me Brad Pitt. Absolutely.

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