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  1. Book recommendations?

    Nearly finished my Johnny Cash autobiography, currently waiting for my Che Geuvara Guerrilla Warfare book to arrive but don't know what to buy next. Got plenty of football books so open to all ideas except from stories and novels. Appreciated!
  2. Garth Crooks

    BBC's biggest cunt.
  3. Magma

    Keeps looking on my profile on a daily basis it seems. Are you ok?
  4. Amy Winehouse

    Lass with class.
  5. A Little Assistance?

    Right, so here's the situation. I got my Acer laptop in March and rebooted the lot for the first time using the Vista CD that came with it. Once installed I entered the activation code on the base of my laptop, however it's telling me that it's not a valid code and it's now prompting me more and more asking for the validation key. Any ideas what the problem is?? Appreciated.
  6. Souness

    Held talks with the SFA over the Scotland job and now declared he wants it. Happy days
  7. Jo Guest

  8. I predict

    One or two signings this week.
  9. Bramble

    Up to his usual tricks. Well done to Allardarse for flogging the fucker as soon as he got here
  10. Van Buyten open to Magpies

    It balances it out mate.
  11. Van Buyten open to Magpies

    Aye, having a harmless joke - bang out of order. It's the general consensus that you are without a doubt one the worst posters on the board. We are letting you stay. Enjoy It.
  12. Van Buyten open to Magpies

    Aye, having a harmless joke - bang out of order.
  13. Van Buyten open to Magpies

    fucking hell t-keith, deleting posts and putting me on a 2 hour ban for a wind-up?
  14. Keegan toon hero card

    On a second thought, I think it's canny.
  15. Keegan toon hero card

    Looks shite.
  16. F.O.A. : RICO

    You seem to be a complete fucking dullard, and generally in my view, I am correct. So here it is, a thread dedicated to you, to get it all out of your system and get it all out in the open.
  17. Van Buyten open to Magpies

    there's nowt on skysports website like. I doubt there will be.
  18. What would constitute success for Keegan?

    Personally I couldn't give a flying fuck what the media think, whatever they say, print and publish will not effect or change the way I support my football club.
  19. F.O.A. : RICO

    Check your PM's.
  20. F.O.A. : RICO

    No idea, never heard of him. Why like?
  21. Is Sol Campbell on his way?

    another mental breakdown won't be too far away if our fans boo him.
  22. F.O.A. : RICO

    I am Crimson. I am nee other fucker mind, Wacky.
  23. Alan Shearer

    You're not wanted by NUFC, move on.

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