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  1. Missed out on a bit of match fixing here in the cup tonight. Could get around 20/1 on Sheriff YC to beat Shelbourne this morning. 11/2 at kick off. Shels were 2-0 up at half time but lost 3-2!
  2. Great result for Rovers. Its the breakthrough the league here has been crying out for. First time an Irish side has made it to a group stage in Europe. The money probably wins them the league for the next 10 years.
  3. IrishMag

    Demba Ba

    The fact that he's a free reduces the risk somewhat. Did he fail a medical at Stoke because of his knees? Or did the realise there was a bit of football in him
  4. I've seen from 3/1 to 5/1 in places.
  5. Point gained but the inability to score goals, despite getting 4 last week, is worrying. Blackburn were poor and there for the taking. Best will do well to get 4 or 5 more this season. 4 or 5 teams below us on 30 points too. Birmingham midweek is a huge game. When is Ben Arfa back?
  6. Coventry Colchester (last minute winner) Shrewsbury €20 returned €176
  7. But everyone knows Joey Barton is not allowed to tackle in the modern game, heaven forbid any physical contact on the blessed darling superstar footballers FYP
  8. Poor run of form but he's done enough there to show he could turn it around imo. Possibly a good thing for us if we are to keep looking over our shoulders, could push them right into the bottom pile.
  9. Pardoo looks like he's been sleeping in the car all week
  10. Watching the highlights. Walcotts smug little smile and nodding when he scored, makes them blowing 4-0 a whole lot more satisfying.
  11. And I had a massive falling out with Tioté on FM earlier
  12. "4-0.... and you fucked it up!" Beautiful And just magic to be on the right side of such a comeback for once!
  13. Some Arsenal fans. Blaming injuries, suspensions, the ref, Barton, momentum. Do one. They 4-0 with 22 minutes to go and absolutely cruising. Excuses? There are none. Blowing a 4-0 lead in such a short space of time is completely inexcusible. Useless bottlers. Fabregas is a tramp and I hope Barca absolutely tonk them
  14. Simply unbelievable. From tearing our hair out at how bloody awful the first half was to a simply amazing comeback. There's always the odd moment where you remember why you love football
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