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  1. yes! that's all i'm saying!! he's an average creative midfielder who will sit on the bench for barcelona if he signs!!
  2. well aren't you all a miserable bunch? i came on here, posted an article, made some comments, and then king kev started talking shit. i responded to him, and then there are a dozen posts about how i come on here, how i don't understand football, how i am only a fan on fifa, and all sorts of nonsense. first of all, i've been supporting barca for almost 15 years, and seen out the highs and the lows with the club. so don't give me this crap that i'm a fifa fan. secondly, i said nothing arrogant or condescending in my posts. you lot had a very average squad, and because a barca fan says it doesn't
  3. It's not our player's fault that Guti can't fucking pass or cross you moron. its known as movement off the ball, if you actually played any football instead of wanking off in front of your computer all day to pictures of your players you'd understand that. at barca, he'll be surrounded by players who are actually making cuts, showing, creating space. He'll be playing short, one touch passes. In case you haven't noticed, he does just fine when he plays for Argentina, hmmmm I wonder why that is. Its all good, continue to hate all your players that actually have some skill. Maybe one day i
  4. ^ i hope he does join barca, then you'll see what kind of player you had at your disposal but failed to build a squad around. even ronaldinho would have looked ordinary in your squad. not saying he'll bench xavi and iniesta with his skills, but he'll be a decent bench player. surely can't be worse than hleb, so i'm all for this signing. seems like barca would be happy to have him and newcastle would be happy to get rid of him so i hope it works out
  5. i think he will do fine as a squad player. we need someone to replace hleb, and i'm sure jonas will be infinitely better at barca than hleb was. jonas has skill on the ball, and at barca, he'll always have players moving around him so it'll be easier for him to pick passes. also, he'll have much more time on the ball than he did in england, and i think that'll help as well. because right now, besides xavi and iniesta, barcelona don't have any other creative midfielders. i think jonas would add a lot of flexibility to our midfield because if we are playing a team that is parking the bus, these
  6. I know it's only goal.com, but I think this would be a great signing for us. We need to strengthen our midfield with some quality squad players, and Jonas would fit that perfectly. Add to the fact that he plays with Messi and Milito in the Argentine national team and is great on the ball would definitely give us some options. And from what I've seen, most of you guys wouldn't be too upset if he leaves anyway. Hope this news is true!
  7. Jonas Gutierrez Could Sign For Barcelona In The Following Hours The Argentine international could be on his way to the European champions... Newcastle United midfielder Jonas Gutierrez could reinforce Barcelona in the next few hours, if negotiations between both clubs prosper. Gutierrez, 26, has been looking for a move away from Newcastle United, in order to improve his chances of participating in the 2010 World Cup with Argentina. The Argentine admitted that he would be overjoyed to sign for Barca. "The truth is they are a great team. They already demonstrated this last season by
  8. simply not suited to english football. doesn't make him a rubbish defender though. hope he goes to a top 6 club in spain this summer, because that's where he belongs. everyone will be happy if that's the case. could see a return to deportivo to be honest, and they're back on the rise after a few miserable years. i'm sure valencia could use his services as well.
  9. Is Martins fit? Surely you must play a 4-3-3 with Owen Viduka Martins up front and Jonas just behind them? If martin's isn't fit, then this becomes harder. I would say start with an attacking lineup and go for the early goal, and then you can try to go more defensive later on if necessary. But no point being defensive from the outset. You are at home in a must win game, hope Shearer doesn't make the mistake of trying to be defensive early.
  10. ^ not the time to get into this honestly. he'll leave you in the summer, return to spain to one of the top 6 clubs, and get his form back. to him, newcastle will be a poor choice and to you, colo will be a poor signing. life goes on. morientes didn't exactly set anfield alight, but few would doubt that he's a fantastic striker. regardless, not the time to get into this. hope you guys win tonight
  11. want you guys to win, but i think it's going to end 1-1. you'll score first and then give up a late goal to end the game 1-1. hope i'm wrong.
  12. everyone's saying the same thing, when i say it you guys all start crying and calling me condescending and all sorts of nonsense. i said get jonas on, it'll help and it did. i said all your midfielders are shit, and they are, and everyone's saying the same thing. i said if u have good midfielder (jonas), even average strikers (carrol) can score, and that's what happened. i said the starting team was all wrong and shearer wasn't going for the win, and he wasn't. now all you guys are saying the same thing as well. maybe you should be a little more tolerant and accepting, it's not like i'm some o
  13. So, your idea of success is replacing good strikers with average ones to compensate for a poor midfield? Nutcase. my idea of success is SELLING good strikers, using the money to buy GOOD midfielders that can dribble, keep possession, and pass, and use average strikers because when your midfield is creating 10 chances a game, chances are 1 or 2 of them will go in. not very hard to understand. or you could have world class strikers with nobody to supply them and just hope and pray they get 1 lucky chance and they put away, which is what you're doing.
  14. Okay. Now that we've established you manage barca, can you please fuck off. no problem. but you know i'm right. your midfield just knows how to foul players and play long balls. will win plenty of games with that strategy i'm sure. all you need are world class strikers right? good bye, and best of luck trying to avoid relegation
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